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Congratulations to the winners and Happy Holidays everyone!
Congrats to the lucky winners.

And thanks Doc for the giveaways. Hope you enjoy the short Christmas break. :)
Congratulations to the winners.
And happy holidays, everyone.
Congrats and happy holidays
Cheers to the lucky winners! :) Please remember to send us a postcard from Monkey Island! xD
Oh wow, thanks a lot, Doc! I feel the second most excited I have ever felt about winning a giveaway.
Congrats to all the other winners as well!
Congrats to the winners! Thanks Doc for another very generous giveaway.

Happy Holidays to all and all the best in 2023.
Congrats to the winners!!!!
Thank you for this magnificent display of generosity Doc!
Happy Holidays everyone :)
OMG!!! I WON!!!

Thanks so much, Doc!!

This is awesome!! :)
So I'm going back to Monkey Island and I'm gonna be a pirate!

Thank you, Doc!
Congrats to the winners and Happy Holidays! ^_^
I would like to thank Doc for the game.Congratulations to the other winners
A ton of thanks to Doc0075 for the sensational Mini-giveaways!
I hope all the winners (I am a lucky one) have countless hours of fun playing their incredible vgames!

Best season wishes!
A Merry Christmas to you as well
Thank you Doc0075 again for your generosity.