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I'm in. Thank you Doc!
I am in

Thank you
Oh, I have to jump in for this. The SO LOVES the Monkey Island games, she'd be tickled to death hahah
thank you !!
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Not in. +1 Doc
I'm in.

Thank you Doc.
I'm in. Thank you for the giveaway!
Doc0075: This will be the last mini-giveaway until after Christmas.
BranjoHello: Can we get a little clarity on this?
Like, does it means the winners will be known around Christmas or it will probably end by (let's say) 15th December but then you don't plan to start round 16 before (let's say) 28th December.
Asking so that Secret Santas know whether to put this game on their wishlist or not. :)
This mini-giveaway will end either this weekend or just after and then I won't start another one until some time after Christmas.
go monkey adventure! add one cat to that journey please
Good luck to everyone. I am in for this!
I still adore the originals, so why not? I'm in.
I'm in for some more Guybrush adventures. Thank you!
I'm in for this last not so mini-giveaway. Thanks Doc!
Oohhh, a great one for the final mini-giveaway!

I'm in, thanks a lot, Doc!
I'm in

thank you very much :D
Great giveaway! I'm in, thanks.