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i'm in. THX
I am in.

Thank you very much for your generosity towards this community!
I like how everyone is in for the latest Monkey Island. It shows how much the series is loved. I am also IN

Thanks for all the giveaways Doc, I saw all the rest of the recent ones and this is the only 1 on my wishlist that I didn't already have.
Great game. I'm in. Thanks.
An incredible game from an excellent list. God bless you Doc. Good luck to everyone.
Oh cool! Doc's giving away the new Monkey Island!

Heck yeah I'm in for the giveaway.

Thanks Doc. You're awesome as ever. :)
I love the Monkey Island series and have been itching to play this one. Count me in Doc.
Thank you Doc again. I'd like to be in.
I'm in for Return to Monkey Island!
Hope it can live up to its predecessor.
Thank you Doc0075, please count me in.
I'm in, thank you for another great giveaway.
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i'm in thanks
I didn't enter in any of your 15 mini-GA but thanks DOC for your generosity.
This time, I think I cannot resist the temptation.
I'm In for Return to Monkey Island.
Doc0075: This will be the last mini-giveaway until after Christmas.
Can we get a little clarity on this?
Like, does it means the winners will be known around Christmas or it will probably end by (let's say) 15th December but then you don't plan to start round 16 before (let's say) 28th December.
Asking so that Secret Santas know whether to put this game on their wishlist or not. :)