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Lucumo: Hmm, don't you get the fair price package? For instance the BATTLETECH - Mercenary Collection (same country as Lifthrasil) costs 89.99€ minus 10.60€ in wallet funds. So 79.39€ or $89.21 taking the current GOG exchange rate into account. (People probably think that way when looking at the least that's my guess.)
How pigulici looks at it, I can't say. But as far as I'm concerned, the price you pay is the price of the game, the wallet funds are irrelevant.
Now that's proper Christmas spirit!

I'm in for Hand of Fate 2. I loved the original, so I'd love to play this one too.

Last time something made me happy? Just today, when I made my traditional hand-drawn Christmas card for my friends. I'm not very good at drawing (an understatement, really), but I still love doing it, and I'm rather pleased with how this one worked out. Also today I rewatched one of my favorite Star Trek TNG episodes Time Squared. So all in all, a pretty good evening.
Damn, thanks for this oportunity man!

I'm in for Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

(I assume Fallout 3 GOTY doesn't count as part of the series hehe)
I'm in for:

Ion Maiden
EDIT: On second thought, I don't think I'll participate; others probably need their games more urgently than me.
Thanks for the generous offer though!
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Hey, pigulici. Thanks for the giveaway.

I'd like to be in for Q.U.B.E.2 and its Season Pass.

One of the last things that made me happy was finally finishing Supaplex. All 111 levels.

We were already friends. I had to remove you so I could add you.
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Cavalary: Being in the same region, I'll just point smth out about a few requests so far:
Due to the fact that apparently we're so rich over here, BATTLETECH - Mercenary Collection (Lifthrasil) costs $102.00, Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Gerin) + all DLC (assuming that includes soundtrack and artbook) $102.02, and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Deluxe Edition + Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition (TheGrand547) $104.31.
-Well, I am almost sure will be a gog sale with discounts at the time of the draw, so people will be able to "put" more in the wish, because of this I put "you can change the game until the draw", but for 4$ above 100$, I will close the eyes.

"Damn, thanks for this oportunity man!

I'm in for Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

(I assume Fallout 3 GOTY doesn't count as part of the series hehe)"

-For me it is from Fallout universe, so can be included.

"I sadly won't add you as a friend here on gog, as that leaks personal information through the profile functionality, but if I look at the impressive friends list you've amassed on your profile, I don't think you'll really notice my absence. :) "

-No problem, not a requirement.

"I had to remove you so I could add you."

Thanks a lot for a very generous giveaway! I'm in for War for the Overworld Ultimate Edition

My wife had a very difficult situation at work but she did her best and the outcome was much better then we could have expected. I'm very proud of her!
You are a very generous person, Pigulici, thank you.
If I may, I'm in for Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

I have a shitty life, but I'm happy when I'm with my cats. They are like my children.
Not in. But very generous offer. I hope the person will enjoy the game a lot. All the best to pigulici.
Dayum, biggus givus.
Thanks for the giveaway!

e: I'd like to be in for Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition.

The last thing that made me happy was being able to eat lol.
I had pretty bad food poisoning until pretty recently. Couldn't eat, could barely drink for over a week. Shit, i couldn't even lie down without my stomach feeling like it was wringing itself out.
For some reason I imagined life as a slave in ancient Egypt, building a pyramid in the sweltering sun. If I had gotten food poisoning in those times, I think i would've just lost the will to live. then the masters would whip me back up. Truly hell on earth.

I'm better now though.

Keep them Witcher pics coming man.
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Not in but thanks for your generous giveaway!
Not in. +1
I'm in for Pillars of Eternity 2 obsidian edition

thank you for your generosity

what made me happy the last time was passing my last exams, because I didn't have a lot of time between those two and the subject was rather different ( and I already failed one of them before... )
Thanks for the very generous giveaway.

I'm in for Syberia 3 The Complete Journey.

Happy Holidays everyone.