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Giveaway 1 any game up to 100$ from

So, it is that time of year when Santa it is coming, and because I like to make myself a present, I want to make happy a person on 24 december, so I want that my gift to myselft to be, to make someone happy, so, as in title, this is a giveaway: you will pick any game from up to value of 100$(it can have separated dlc, but whole must be under 100$, if the games have more versions, like Withcer 1+2+3 or Cossack1+2+3, if it is under the prize, I will see it as 1 game, so you can ask for the whole series/universe of a game, if it is under 100$), if the game it is 2$, still will be only 1 game giveaway. The random draw will be on 24 december(sometime of the day).
Now the requiremnents:

-write "I'm in"
-write the game(with or without dlcs) or saga, you can change the game until the draw, if you put a link to the store page, even better
-be a member of this forum before 1 december 2018
-have at least Rep: 3
-must have account(free to make) and chat open
-don't be on scam list
-didn't won one of my past giveways(as some remember I do 2 giveways each year, one for santa and one for my birthday)

The winner must respond to my pm/chat in max 48 hours from draw(to give the code of game)and send me the email used for gog id(so I can gift the game), or I will make another draw.

Not mandatory:
-play the new game(s)
-tell us what make you happy last time(we will not judge, only enjoy)
-add me as friend on are too many(id: pigulici ) )

As a person who most of my life didn't had much(not complaining,I think was the best for me, to learn the values of life from beginning), now I like to give back, when I am able, even if are digital goods, so I hope I don't upset those who think that Santa bring only physical goods.

Good luck to all.
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I'm in for CrossCode
Last time something make me happy is when I bought Sapowski's The Last Wish.
Thank you for giveaway
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What a generous offer.

in for Elex

[url=][/url]i dont know how i link this. i am really hard gothic fun. Maybe someday we can see gothic 4.
Thank you for GA :)

I would like to in for: ("I'm in", if you require literal expression ;))

Best regards :)

Edit: I've changed the game (according to GA Rule), previous was Elex.
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Very generous! I'm in for QUBE2 (way under $100).
pigulici: -tell us what make you happy last time(we will not judge, only enjoy)
Hearing the recent announcement that Episode 5 of Doom 1 (1993) will be released for free next year. :-)
pigulici: -add me as friend on
You already were. :-) Happy Christmas Pigulici!
Now that's a mighty generous giveaway. I'm sure there are people a lot worthier than myself, so I'm not in but nonetheless have a +1 from me :).
In the last year I barely had time to play games on the computer, yet I've never been happier. I have a one year and 8 month old who brings more joy to my life than my entire collection (which btw I hope I will still be able to play when I retire :D).
I'm in with a game of choice Hand of Fate 2

Last thing that mad eme happy was catching up with some old friends that I didnt see for 4 years.
Very generous, pigulici! Thanks for sharing!

I'll enter for This War of Mine + The Little Ones + Stories Season Pass and keep my fingers crossed. :)
Thanks as always!
I'm in for Pillars of Eternity 2: Dead fire deluxe(and pillars of eternity 1: definitive if thats part of it)

The last thing that made me happy was the final release of dusk and being able to playthrough all three episodes back to back and just revel in how amazing it is.

Good luck to all and I hope you have fantastic days :)
I'm in for Factorio.


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what a lovely philosophy of life. I had a weird upbringing, at first the perfect suburbia setting then as my mother lost control a life of neglect and hunger, hidden behind the facade. When the only meal you got was the school lunch I can relate to others struggling. Tho most of my charity goes to animal interests I still give regularly to the local food bank and Salvation Army. As for lifes lesson, sometimes I would have preferred a lesson of ignorant bliss, :-P

In for

Cheers and have a peaceful and happy holiday
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Hi, pigulici! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

I would like to be in, please, for Battletech + Battletech Season Pass.

We had our fifth child in October. And her first month was pretty rough. She had some bad tummy problems, and then she got a respiratory virus. Between all this, we had sleepless nights and lots of visits to doctors and hospitals. BUT! Last week, she turned a corner. She started breathing well, she started putting on weight again, and she started sleeping through the night. So, this past weekend, my wife and I and the little baby went on a weekend getaway. Our other 4 kids stayed with a babysitter all weekend - and they loved it! Movies and popcorn every day! And my wife and I visited an old friend of ours who paints abstract expressionist paintings. He is very good. We got to visit his studio and view his wonderful art in person. I was deeply moved. And then we got to take him out to lunch the next day and catch up on old times and new news. I am so thankful for how everything is turning out.

misteryo: `snip
times and new news. I am so thankful for how everything is turning out.

awww, so sorry to hear of your babys' health woes, nothing worse then feeling helpless while they suffer. Glad to hear she is on the mend and hope your family has a nice, quiet, uneventful holiday with lots of good food and sleep
+1 for a generous giveaway. Not in cuz of rep requirement but Merry Christmas