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Max Payne 3 and LA Noire Complete Bundle (Steam) - $9.99

Do you know if its region locked? Can I activate it in EU (Austria)?
Did work!
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it is back up, second batch of keys
Sorry if this is a repost, but here's a fun and challenging game at PWYW. Totally worth the $4, though.
Just headsup looks like that $5/$10 Indie bundle Amazon will be selling will be available from June 6th....\

Might and Magic 1-6 $2.49
Wanted to thank whoever posted about Amazon's Cursed Mountain for $1, grabbed a copy.
The Last Remnant (GamersGate) = $2.50

Thats a really good deal.
Heretic777: The Last Remnant (GamersGate) = $2.50

Thats a really good deal.
Thats like the 1millionth time they had that one sale... they really should rotate their sales a bit more ;)
Whoa. Is that the GOG version?
New bundle:

New bundle

Perilous Puzzle Bundle
Hairy Tales (Desura)
Spoids (Desura)
Great Permutator (Desura)
[+] Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol (Desura)
Just Cause Collection is 75% off at GG today (needs Steam)
Red Johnson Chronicles 1 3$ should be at least nice!
Heretic777: The Last Remnant (GamersGate) = $2.50

Thats a really good deal.
I see $10.
GamersGate weekend deals:

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2: Siberian Strike: 5.00 EUR (-50%), Steam
Sniper Ghost Warriror 2: 19.98 EUR (-50%), Steam
Sniper Ghost Warrior Gold Edition: 3.98 EUR (-50%), SecuROM

Baldur's Gate - The Original Saga: 2.49 EUR (-75%), DRM free
Baldur's Gate II Complete: 2.49 EUR (-75%), DRM free
Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition: 9.48 EUR (-50%), Steam

4 + DLCs: Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle (4 + DLCs): 12.50 EUR (-75%), Other DRM
List with the DLCs for 4
3 Gold + Reloaded: Tropico Trilogy (Reloaded + Tropico 3 Gold Edition content): 4.99 EUR (-75%), DRM free / Other DRM
Just 3 Gold: Tropico 3 Gold Edition: 3.75 EUR (-75%), Other DRM
Just Reloaded: Tropico Reloaded: 1.75 EUR (-75%), DRM free

Use coupon '' for 5% discount. Applies only to the cheapest item, so split up into multiple purchases containing one item if necessary.

What confuses me: This is more expensive and contains less content than the Trilogy offer:
Tropico Pack Bundle (Reloaded + 3): 8.74 EUR (-75%), DRM free / Other DRM
Heretic777: The Last Remnant (GamersGate) = $2.50

Thats a really good deal.
BlueMooner: I see $10.
Was yesterday's Daily Deal, has been succeeded by the Just Cause Collection.
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