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Rincewind81: Does it count and whom to blame why not with GOG too?

Divinity Original Sin 2 offers crosssaves between the Steam and the Switch Version.
Ueber: They released the patch today via Galaxy.
But that doesn't support cross save does it? The twitter responses to people asking seem to be terse and saying Steam only:
The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk is missing Chinese subtitles on the GOG version (present on Steam).
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Signal From Tölva is now up to date on Linux. Thank you developers for responding so quickly once made aware.
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darkstl: My Tima at Portia is missing a free DLC which is available on steam since August 23.
Did you check for missing content in GOG version? I only ask because there was no update on steam since 7th August and GOG version was updated by 13th of August, so maybe they just skipped to create a free DLC item on GOG and integrated content silently by latest update?

Nevertheless strange for developer to announce free DLC content two weeks after integration, but maybe they just unlocked it in steam at this time.
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- missing Ninja Skin DLC is now on GOG
It looks like the issue with the languages has been fixed. Source:

(although from the quoted article it looks like this version might only be on Galaxy at the moment? I do not own the game and cannot confirm)
01kipper: It looks like the issue with the languages has been fixed. Source:

(although from the quoted article it looks like this version might only be on Galaxy at the moment? I do not own the game and cannot confirm)
Right now is only on Galaxy, the offline installer is not updated yet.

EDIT: It is updated now.
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The regular GOG version of Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Explorer Edition) doesn't come with an option to upgrade to the next tier (Royal Edition). Players who are interested in the version-specific goodies have to rebuy the game in order to gain access to them.
Since June 21st, the game's Steam page has been offering "Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Royal Ascension DLC" as a straightforward way to add the included items to the main game.
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"Eador. Imperium".
Offline installers for Russian and German languages are outdated (both are at version 2.72.3).
English offline installer is ok (latest version, which is 2.75.1).
60 Parsecs!

GOG is missing the Mac version, available on Steam
The following games have the Linux version outdated as opposed to other platforms:

World to the West
Hyper Light Drifter

Subsequently I sent an email to Rain Games (World to the West devs) via their website form. Will keep you posted about any replies.

As for Hyper Light Drifter, I emailed the devs a few months ago, they told me they're working on it but apparently it's low priority.

Moonlighter - I emailed the devs the first time they delayed the Linux update, their response wasn't rude but not acceptable.

There are other games which have a Linux version outdated, but it's only been a couple of days so will keep an eye before I report them in.
You should add Sword of Ditto -> to to disparity between steam and gog price.
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Don't Starve Alone Pack

Publisher (Klei) updated Windows and Mac version to patch 345226.
But left Linux version outdated (patch 222215).

EDIT: Also, 64-bit Linux versions are absent. HumbleBundle, on the other hand, offers 64-bit Linux versions as well.
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You may want to remove The Flame in the Flood from the list.
Gog added the bugfix patch on July 30, 2019.

For the aforementioned bug:
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