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If anyone can confirm whether Nuclear Throne has daily/weekly challenges, that'd be great.

omega64: It's still there, just removed from the store page. Likely due to the missing updates making it not work on recent mac versions. They could just... Update it.
Were it so easy...

Also, Dying Light has more missing DLC here:

3D Printer Models
Collector's Artbook
Book (Nightmare Row)
Godfather Bundle
Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Pack
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Rune Classic must be updated ASAP, because of the Human Head Studios closure, which means a possible delisting of the game.

The Steam version was updated to 1.11 more than a year ago. This patch contains some important changes, such as improved DirectX 11 and Windows 10 support.

Pretty please, GOG, don't leave us with an outdated game! ):