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Changelog for patch 1.0.001 (added 04 March 2016):

- A fix for some audio crashes
- A fix for rare broken checkpoint issue
- Fix for a rare dead-end river bug
- Fix for looping rain audio bug
- Wolf spawning fix (wolves should not spawn in initial region)


Changelog for patch 1.0.002 (added 04 March 2016):

- Audio crash fix
- Fix for getting stuck at the bait shack upon restore
- drag & drop inventory fix.


Changelog for patch

- Fixed a number of crashes
- Fixed a save game restore issue
- Fixed a number of issues with the quest system that effected both quests and achievements


Changelog for patch (added 07 April 2016):

- an audio bug was introduced in the last update. This patch fixes it. Anybody who was crashing frequently or having other audio issues as of the last update, grab this new one and all should be well.


Changelog for patch 1.1.000 (added 10 May 2016):

- Hello folks,
- Not everyone may be aware of this, but back when we were just getting started on this game, we ran a Kickstarter campaign. We succeeded, and along the way we had a backer contribute enough to have their dog added to the game for everyone to use.
- With the 1.1 update, we've added Daisy Belle! She's a dalmation/pointer/who-knows-what mix. You can select her via - Scout options when you start a new game.
- Thanks for playing, and we hope you enjoy your new canine pal!
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Changelog for patch 1.3.002 (added 12 May 2017):

- Added Director’s Commentary: the previously PS4 exclusive director’s commentary is available for all. To enable it, you can toggle it on in the options screen.
- Fixed Save Loss: We identified an issue leading to save loss when attempting to continue. If you died during a process that advanced the clock (sitting at a fire, sleeping, docking) your save would enter an unreadable state, and checkpoints would no longer work in campaign.
- Achievement fixes: We fixed a number of issues with achievements failing to register, including Paleo Diet.
- Inventory: Added “discard all” option: For stacked items, you can now discard the whole stack at once.
- Inventory: Auto-sort items into existing stacks: When you pick up an item, it will auto-sort into any existing available stacks, or the first available inventory slot if no stacks are available. For example, if you’ve got a partial stack on Aesop, a new item will auto-sort to that stack, rather than into your backpack.
- Rabbit refactor: Rabbits now behave like other animals, in that you no longer need to skin them as a crafting recipe, and killing a live captured rabbit can be done from an inventory contextual menu.
- Fire crafting can be done in proximity to a fire: Fire recipes are now available near fires, not just while sitting at them.
- Added “Craft Multiple” button: Crafts the maximum possible of an item, so you don’t need to click over and over.
- More starting bag slots on traveler: New games on traveler difficulty have 2 pouches worth of bag slots already available.
- Crafting cost changes: Arrows only require 1 feather, sumac tea can be made with 1 sumac.
- Tools can be crafted with a full inventory: You no longer need to drop something to make a knife if your bags are full. Additionally, if you craft a tool that you already have, it will replace and refresh the durability of the existing tool.
- Inventory Stacking Changes: Stack sizes increased across the board, and many previously unstackable items can now be stacked, including jars, jar items, traps, and torches.
- Added UI element for equipped torch: it indicates the life remaining.
- Added quest caches at every camp: So now you can reliably find them.
- Added “mute dog” option: Sorry Aesop, not everyone likes those barks!
- Marina spawning on endless: Marinas now spawn continuously on endless.
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Patch 1.3.003 (30 July 2019)

- minor bugfix for Magnolia's dead rabbit gift