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Enebias: Ouch. It seems this was quite the letdown... thanks for sharing your opinion, as I was eager to know more about this apparently very promising title. What you described is basically the sum of everything I wouldn't want to see in a similar game, so I appreciate the warning!

On the other hand, I'm still pretty interested in the first one: may I ask you what the strongest point of the original Breach & Clear are?
Yes, you may. If you know what Frozen Synapse is like, then B&C isn't that much different. The game consists of three types of missions: Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal and Escape Plan. There isn't really "a campaign", just these missions that are laid out in six (IIRC) locations. Gameplay is entirely turn-based: you command four soldiers, give them separate orders, and when you're done the game advances time a few seconds. You need to have your guys shoot from cover, because otherwise you're gonna get killed, but you also want to make the fastest time possible in order to get the best rating, so there's definitely a risk-and-reward feel to it. Spreading the soldiers around is generally a good idea so that you can flank opponents, so there's a nice tactical feel in the game constantly. If you like Frozen Synapse, there's a fair chance you'll B&C too. It's a little rough around the edges, but since it's a small budget game with a reasonable price tag, it's acceptable.

So basically:
+ Feels tactical, your actions matter (unlike in Deadline where you can just keep your guys in a cluster)
+ Good turn-based system: plan your actions and see what the outcome will be
+ Easy on the wallet
= Semi-ok customization; you can name your characters, choose their portraits and assign their roles, but on the negative side there aren't that many new weapons to unlock, just a handful. Also, all level-ups are a simple "now you have 5 more HP" sort of upgrades.
- No real campaign
- Not as polished as Frozen Synapse

Check out some YouTube gameplay footage. I've found that's the best way to see if I'd enjoy a certain game.
Just finished F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate. I actually really liked the F.E.A.R. expansion packs. I liked the weapons they added and also felt there were some good jumps in there. Excellent shooters overall.
Guild of Dungeoneering

Overall a really fun game. I really liked the cute drawn graphics, the music is very nice and the sung comments when a hero dies are hilarious. I also liked the concept of making up the dungeons your hero has to go through and the different classes and items you could get kept it from getting boring since the fights were always a little bit different. In regards of difficulty I think the game was just right. Of course dying is part of the game and some dungeons were a bit hard, but overall I could get everything done in a reasonable number of tries.
The negative thing is, that it gets a bit repetitive, therefore I would recommand to play it in short sessions to avoid getting bored. Also while it was nice to make up your dungeons, the heros strange pathfinding and the randomness of the available cards made it sometimes a bit frustrating.
DProject: (...)
Thank you! :)
Btw, I didn't know Frozen Synapse - it seems an excellent game! I have completely missed it... Too bad it is not on GOG. I guess I'll eventually get it directly from the developers, as they sell it both DRM and -thankfully- Steam free.
moonshineshadow: Guild of Dungeoneering
Thanks for the writeup moonshineshadow! I'm enjoying it quite a bit, though not playing it a ton. As such, I haven't had too many issues with repetitiveness. But that pathfinding is totally totally frustrating! :) Though I'd definitely still recommend it. I've build some really big dungeons just having fun in there on the non-timed quests.
moonshineshadow: Guild of Dungeoneering
budejovice: Thanks for the writeup moonshineshadow! I'm enjoying it quite a bit, though not playing it a ton. As such, I haven't had too many issues with repetitiveness. But that pathfinding is totally totally frustrating! :) Though I'd definitely still recommend it. I've build some really big dungeons just having fun in there on the non-timed quests.
I got the game today too. I really like it so far and like you, haven't felt like it was too repetitive yet (granted, I've only played it for around three hours, heh).
A Bird Story

I would not call this a game. It is a story. I don't regret spending the 1,5h it takes to see it through. It was a nice, emotional, sometimes a bit strange and confusing as well as a bit sad story. Nicely done.
Paper Sorcerer

Hard to believe that i ended up putting 20 hours of play into this. But i love the old Wizardry style of games and Paper Sorcerer is essentially a lightweight Wizardry game. By lightweight i mean not as hard as Wizardry, in this one you can always go back and fix up your party and return back to where you were.

Pretty much liked everything about it, even though i was starting to lose interest by the final 3 levels- after all it's mostly the same thing over and over, even if you do find it fun. What i particularly like was the learning curve, enemies never have health bars over them, but you soon learn how much damage they can tolerate and their special abilities. In no time at all you learn to prioritize your targets, concentrate fire and develop tactics against certain enemies and mixes of enemies.

Unlike others, i found the music was perfect for the game- though different for sure...what does everyone want...every game to sound the same? That would be dull.
The art style was good and the story pretty unique and it it all cost me only $2 on sale, so I'm happy with it and hope the designer makes another game sometime.

No bugs, glitches or crashes at all for me. I've read of others having some bugs, so it's either been fixed or i was lucky.
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A mix of puzzle game with a bit platformer. The graphics and the story are quite nice and cute. All in all a game for a nice relaxed evening since it is not a very long game. But it is fun and not very hard. So if you are looking for a challenge better choose a different game :D
Time Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered - Another Artifex Mundi HOG. I've been on a kick with these lately because my concentration has suffered due to some Real World goings-on, and because they're much easier to play while traveling/visiting with family, which we just got back from two weeks of. (Not playing while visiting! But playing in those boring down-times we always forget about when we're not visiting.)

This is a "remastered" version of an older AM game, as far as I understand. It's the first in a series. Pretty much, the game can be summed up as "It's an Artifex Mundi HOG." Once again, I can't comment on the voice acting, as I had it on mute the entire time. The dialogue was okay and the storyline was okay, if barely existent, and the puzzles were okay. If you're getting the impression that I wasn't impressed, you're right. It's not a bad game by any means, but it's definitely on the lower end of AM games. The speech animation was the weirdest three-dimensional-presented-as-two-dimensional-resulting-in-facial-warping thing that I've ever seen. None of the puzzles were difficult, I didn't need any hints for any of the minigames or HO scenes, and it was well put together. The lighting animation on the room that you go to for HO scenes between every "chapter" is horrible, making it difficult to see objects, and it shows up on a few other scenes as well. That's my biggest complaint, although I did come across a few more mistranslated items, which makes the HO scenes more annoying than they should be. None of the badly-translated item names specifically stick out with this one like it did with the first Nightmares of the Deep game, though.

Overall: If you like HOGs and you can get this one cheaply, go for it. According to Steam, it took me a bit more than 3.5 hours to complete, but that's 30 to 60 minutes longer than it actually took me to finish, since Steam counts all time spent in menus and paused. It's probably two to three hours long. I picked it up as part of a recent bundle, so it was probably pennies. I certainly wouldn't pay $10 for it.

My other finished games.
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I just finished up Rogue Legacy, that was a pretty fun metroidvania. The concept that you get different abilities every time you die (in the form of a new son/daughter using their own abilities but taking over the money you got from their mom/dad) was pretty unique. But I always went with the fastest characters, sometimes it did get a little boring going through the castle over and over again, since you restart from there.
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

This is my first ever experience of an MGS game apart from a very brief aborted go at an earlier game back around 1999 or so, maybe it was the original MGS? Anyway, i didn't like that older game and i don't really like Ground Zeroes either. There's absolutely no challenge to the Hitman games here for me.

I'm willing to admit that part of the problem could just be disconnection with the characters and story from not having played the previous games. Also i admit i'm not much into cold war espionage. And i'm well aware that GZ's is a prelude or first chapter to the upcoming Phantom Pain to give people a taste of what is to come. In that respect it's good because i now know that i don't need to buy Phantom Pain, not until a few years when it costs below $20 anyway.

The story mission in Ground Zeroes is over in less than hour unless you reload a lot trying to get that perfect "S" score. That's it, just the single story mission. It's nothing particularly memorable. After that you unlock 4 side missions that use the same map and then 2 more extra missions, once again same map. I didn't particularly like the unlocked missions a lot either...stealth missions into a heavily guarded military base in broad daylight?

Good point is you can play how you like, from full no kill stealth (not my thing, i'm NOT Batman) to full Johnny Rambo- only your score suffers.

So I didn't enjoy it much. At least it's been part of both PSN Plus and Xbox Live Gold so it's not expensive. But i'm interested to really know, from MGS fans, if this game is a good representation of MGS overall.
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CMOT70: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
So I didn't enjoy it much. At least it's been part of both PSN Plus and Xbox Live Gold so it's not expensive. But i'm interested to really know, from MGS fans, if this game is a good representation of MGS overall.
I havn't got around to it yet but judging from what I've seen I'd say yes, only shorter.
Guild of Dungeoneering

Overall, I thought it was a great game, but one thing bothered me more than it should have: the fact that first tier dungeoneers become completely useless when you get to a new zone. A small nation's worth of Apprentices died when I furiously tried to finish just one level with them, because my OCD wouldn't allow me to have a dungeoneer, who has done not a single dungeon run, in my guild. And the way the narrator mocked me after each defeat - while not so bad at first - started to get really aggravating after a few hours. Eventually I gave in and continued playing the game the way it was intended to be played, and simply ignored that I had any goddamn Apprentice room. The game wasn't particularly hard after that. Sure, some luck is involved and sometimes you have zero chance to beat certain enemies, but I feel those instances were pretty rare after all.

I've seen some people criticize that there are no long term rewards, such as bringing the loot you find to the guild with you. I think those claims are ridiculous - it would defeat the purpose of the entire game. I thought it was fun having to start every level from scratch. Besides, the levels can be cleared pretty quickly and usually you have all the best gear in minutes again.

The length was okay; if I don't consider the hours that went multi-killing the Apprentices, I'd estimate the length to be around 10 hours. Any longer than that, and the game could start to feel repetitive, but as it is, I had a good time from start to finish. I'm not entirely sure if the game's worth 15€, but for 5-10€ - why not!

I really nice adventure game. The puzzles are fun and not too complex but also not totally easy. Nice balance. And the graphics and the story are just cute. I like this kind of adventures where no talking is needed. There are also several minigames that need to be played and they all worked quite well. If they are fun, depends on taste I would say. Personally I found some boring and some fun. Overall a good adventure, which also does not drag to unnecessary lengths.