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I just finished 99 Spirits.

This game is a mix of RPG and Puzzle but sadly not very well done.
The character graphics look nice and the music isn't that bad eighter but the combat is very easy and boring.
The only reason I played this game for 16,75h is the story. The story keeps going at a good pace and stays interesting. Based on the Steam achievements I guess that there are two endings but I won't replay the game even though I got the bad end.

Here's my list.
11 Jan 2014: Dust: An Elysian Tale.
19 Jan 2014: Organ Trail Director's Cut (first run through the game)
9 Feb 2014: Dungeons of Dredmor (1st time)
21 Feb 2014: Card City Nights
25 Feb 2014: Black Mesa (Half-Life remake)
6 Mar 2014: One Way Heroics (1st playthrough finished)
3 Apr 2014: Path of Exile (first run, normal, Duelist class)
5 Apr 2014: Major Mayhem
14 Jul 2014: Reversion: The Meeting (2nd Chapter) - Really small, but the game is split in chapters.
16 Jul 2014: Splatter - Blood Red Edition
15 Aug 2014: Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus (First playthrough, 1 hourish gameplay)
25 Aug 2014: Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition (Best game I've played this year so far)

Include me , please.
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Finished Lunnye Devitsy. An ok game but too vague for me (like The Path): here's a game, just find out on your own your objectives and how to do them. I went back to the moon 2 times and won't take the time to make all the possibilities.

Also finished Proteus. Some weird experience, not really a game.

Full list here.
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Just beat 99 Levels to Hell. I decided to start one more run before going to bed. Well, 100 levels later, I finally was able to defeat the devil. Now, it is time to sleep.
Well, it took me a while, but I finally finished my first game for 2014:

Redneck Rampage+Suckin' Grits on Route 66

Out of all the four Build Engine games, Redneck Rampage is, without a doubt, the weakest. It has several factors that can negatively affect one's enjoyment. Some of them are listed below:

- Too large levels. Compared to Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior, they most definitely were unnecessarily large. This is farther compounded by...
- Limited colour variety. Too much brown, not enough colour. This makes spotting some objects, like the keys, harder than necessary. It's further compounded by the fact that the keys and locks all look the same and thus, making the stages last even longer.
- Very short jump. It's just not as fun exploring this game if you are constantly hampered by a pathetic jumping ability.
- Spongy enemies. Even with the most powerful of your weapons, there are enemies that can take a crapton of damage and still attack you like nothing's wrong. It doesn't help that ammo can be scarce for your most powerful weapons.
- Limited Soundtrack. Regardless of the quality of the soundtrack (pretty good actually), with only 8 songs, sooner or later, you will have heard every single song multiple times. It's very jarring beginning the stage with Track 1 and then, having the whole soundtrack rewind at the same stage because it's too large.
-Broken aiming. This can prove quite a major frustration when you want to aim at short targets like dogs, shit monsters (literally) and explosive buckets. Using bmouse didn't seem to fix it.

As for the content of the game, well, it's not as cool as the other 3 Build Engine games. On those 3, you are a kickass 80's action hero, a kickass kung-fu master and a kickass undead cowboy. Here, you are a kickass... redneck? Oh well, at least, I knew what I was getting into. Now, let's see about the sequel...

And let the list commence.
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Another one bites the dust !

Finished XIII - Lost Identity. An ok hidden object game but I don't think the story would be easy to follow for someone who doesn't know the source comic. I'd recommend it only to XIII fans, for a few bucks.

Full list here.
UnReal World

Finnish since 1992

oh... wait...
Finished Story Mode in Savant - Ascent again :D

And got the highest score for now :D Someone's got to represent GOG :D
Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Finished all the Prologue missions at least once, which I suppose counts as the "single player" campaign, since all the other story-based missions happen as "events" every once in a while before becoming inaccessible again.

I guess I have a weakness for "match 3 with RPG mechanics" style games. In all, the core gameplay is fine, but without spending money this F2P / P2W game becomes very grindy.

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

Amazing art, excellent music, pretty good story, solid voice acting, all right puzzles, bad optimization, horrible animations.

Overall, I enjoyed it :)
Here's my first finished game of 2014 : Last Knight

Got it in a Groupees bundle, I think. A funny little game, but with somewhat clunky controls, sometimes. I finished the story mode (maybe a couple of hours long), and as the other modes are endless modes, i consider that game finished. It's also the first game i every play and finish on Desura.

So far in 2013 :
Icewind Dale Complete. Played it in Insane difficulty (not Heart of Fury mode), the difficulty was quite fine and nicely challenging then to me.

I liked it overall, albeit I must admit that towards the end, mainly the last chapter 6, I was trying to speed through it, just wanted to get over with it already especially as some of my characters were hitting the level cap already (I had finished the Heart of Winter and Luremaster expansions just before entering chapter 6). So chapter 6 took me only three days to play through, even though overall I played the game for over two months I think, maybe three.

Near the end I was hitting a roadblock, as I noticed I was missing one of the six badges. Damn! It was the "Brother Perdiem badge", I just couldn't find it anymore even though I had talked with Perdiem. I think what happened was that my lead character's inventory was full when I talked to Perdiem, so the badge dropped to the ground without me noticing it. And when I tried to find it again in that temple level, it was nowhere to be found, even Alt couldn't highlight it. Not sure if the game removes quest items from the ground if you leave them there.

So in the end I used a cheat code to create the missing badge back to my inventory just so that I could fight the last boss. Damn it, stupid inventory and quest item system.

Another thing that irritated me was how your lead character should apparently have both high Wisdom and high Intelligence in order to get all possible (useful) reply options in dialogs, and I presume high Charisma would help too. If I was to make one character who has all those attributes high, then probably his/her Dexterity, Strength and Constitution would be quite low. So in the end I had to redo many dialogs with two characters, a cleric with high Wisdom or a mage with high Intelligence, just to see that I wouldn't miss anything important. Ack, at first I thought only Charisma affects the dialog options.

I should really play something else but a RPG next (I played IWD right after finishing Baldur's Gate 2), but still I am pondering whether to play either Icewind Dale 2 Complete, or Fallout next. Probably at least start IWD2, just to see if I can continue it with the same IWD party.
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timppu: Probably at least start IWD2, just to see if I can continue it with the same IWD party.
IWD 2 uses a completely different D&D rule set, so you won't be able to use the same party (although you can create one similar in nature if you really want to).
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Include Me

The games I have completed in 2014 are:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Gran Turismo 3

Papers, Please
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timppu: Probably at least start IWD2, just to see if I can continue it with the same IWD party.
Coelocanth: IWD 2 uses a completely different D&D rule set, so you won't be able to use the same party (although you can create one similar in nature if you really want to).
I guess that is good news, as I wasn't fully happy with some of my choices when creating the IWD party (like I didn't realize that both Wisdom and Intelligence can apparently affect dialogs). So I prefer making a similar party this time, but more carefully.

Then again, I hardly ever pick a bard to my party, maybe I should try one now...
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Finished Hamlet, or The Last Game Without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement, a lame point'n click adventure: nice graphics, original story, catchy music but lame puzzles.

Full list here.