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Just finished Aliens vs Predator (2010) god how they manage to make this series so hollow? The first AvP game was splendid (for the time) - but the rest are kind, well soulless. Especially the Alien and Predator campaigns were kinda rushed and youd just run then through without much trying. Or i am too great and i should have played on the highest difficulty level? :D

Well, whatever the case -it is decent fun if you pick it for for 5€ or so and dont have too much expectation.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 & 4 - the more I play of this game the more I like it. Well made episodes, like the previous ones and the story is interesting, getting even better as the game evolves imho.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 - great episode, just like the rest of this season has been so far. Looking forward to the next episode.

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catacomb (11th june 5:15pm)

A nice fun free game. very basic but it is quite hard
Really? Really! - easily the weakest Navel VN I've played through.
Mirror's Edge. It's one of those games that I can just go to every once in a while and thoroughly enjoy it. I played it on Hard this time, and... well, I won't ever do it again. The frequent appearance of enemies has always been my one complaint, and it's even worse when they can kill you super quickly. Still a great game.
Dear Esther. Not much "gameplay" to be found, but I really enjoyed it. It's apparently somewhat randomized so I may go back and try to find what I missed the first time around and see what all changes between playthroughs.
Finished The Wolf Among Us - Episode 4 which is more of the same. I can't wait to play the final episode !

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I just finished System Shock 2!
While our national soccer team battled the Spaniards (and won) I finished The Dark Eye - Chains of Satinav.

I did find out adventure games are not really my type of game. I like to see how the story develops and will surely play some more adventure games (I did buy, out of curiosity, also Driftmoon, Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within, the complete Myst package as available on Steam, plus some old-school games (that I find hard to get into)). But very often, I have been looking for clues how to continue in the excellent walkthrough on, But it was nice to finish the story tonight.
DubConqueror: Driftmoon
Driftmoon's not an adventure game. It's actually a light-hearted RPG, and well worth playing. :)
DubConqueror: Driftmoon
Coelocanth: Driftmoon's not an adventure game. It's actually a light-hearted RPG, and well worth playing. :)
Yup, and the story is well written as well.
Thanks for your replies and sorry for my mistake. What you say about Driftmoon is congruent with the things I read about it that made me decide to buy it when it went on sale shortly after it's launch on GOG. Hope I'll get round to playing it sometime.
I just finished Wolfenstein The New Order. This marks the 4th FPS games I have completed from beginning to end witout cheating my entire life. I really do suck. I died 135 times!

But man completing the game feels good and I liked it a lot! :)
13-Jun: Depths of Peril

I guess you could say I beat it, as I won my first play-through. Since it was my first time playing, I set the computer covenant difficulty to easy. I got an Alliance win. My character only made it to level 6 or 7 by the time I won. It took 4 hours. I plan on continuing to play though as you keep your progress when starting a new game. I probably will also explore a bit more in the current world before starting a new one as I didn't even get to some of the areas.

Which is one of the problems I see with this game. The political bit degenerates too quickly into raids and wars. You barely explore a quarter of the map before some covenant destroys another. And I don't see how you can really improve relations with other covenants unless you help them destroy their enemy. Giving gifts or trading barely improves relations. You would have to sit there and constantly give gifts-neglecting the adventuring-to make any difference because whatever relationship points you gained from that last trade will be gone after 10 minutes or so.

I think there might be a mod which slows the computer covenants down so it doesn't turn into a bloodbath so quickly. I might have to install that.
Heileen 1: Sail Away

Finished it a couple time for two of the Playfire achievement. Really short game, kinda fluffy story. Not really my type of game, but I'm glad it didn't have any of those time management mechanics that seem to show up in some other Visual Novels. One thing I didn't like is that your "relationship stats" with the three "romanceable" (after a fashion) characters didn't seem to have any impact at all on the dialog as the game went on, and only served to determine which ending you got in the very end.
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