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The Swapper. Fantastic game. I'm usually not impressed with puzzle-platformers, but this game was just excellent. The graphics and atmosphere were incredible, the story was interesting, and the puzzles were pretty good. I got stumped a few times, but for the most part, it wasn't too bad. It was just the right length, too. All in all, an excellent purchase.
Wages of Sin (11:54am 15th June)

It is one of those games that you play you kind of enjoy it and then you forget about it. Just setting the thing up is a game BTW
Fallout Tactics

Fallout Tactics is one of those games I play through over and over again, without ever growing tired of it, apparently. I've long lost count how many times I've finished this gem... it's turn-based tactical gameplay perfected. Lots of neat gear to choose from, great action-oriented missions and a post-nuclear setting that's yet to see a worthy challenger. It's a great shame GOG had to pull this (along with the other Fallout games) from their catalog, but at least it will always stay in my library, readily available whenever I yet again get that certain itch.
Dead Island.

Kind of a Bloodlines effect... the game was very fun and had tons of potential, but it was so, over the top, buggy and unbalanced it was hard to want to finish the game. Add in horrible character development and a potentially AMAZING game ended up being much more frustrating than fun.

Combat had its moments, some of the achievements were a good example of "good" achievements, and exploration was fun and rewarding...
Cognition Erica Reed Thiller

Loved Erica Reed, best character I've encountered yet in adventure games. Erica's supporting cast (her friends and acquaintances, I mean) was pretty awesome, too- believable personalities, felt like people you would know; couple this with the fact that the game has really superb voice acting, and it makes for a great experience. Game antagonists seemed confused, and their motives didn't make sense at times.

On the negative side, the games all had wonky animation problems, like Erica would face the wrong way while talking to someone. Also, I feel that the last two episodes should have been combined into a single one, and that would have made for a more satisfactory experience; I was expecting Episode 4 to last much longer than it did.

Great storytelling; had some gruesome imagery though, yikes. However, the puzzles were one of the best parts- the games make really good use of various tools they provide to aid in puzzle solving, very fun; especially the action puzzles from the last episode. But one mechanic, the new one from the last episode, felt underused, probably because the episode was really short.

Overall, cool game. Would play a sequel; I think the ending left itself open to one for sure, but in an entirely different setting.

Paper Sorcerer

Paper Sorcerer has an interesting premise for a dungeon crawler; rather than being a bunch of heroes delving deep into dungeons and slaying monsters to confront the big evil, you are instead a sorcerer trapped in the bottom of a dungeon (actually a book, hence the game's name and monochrome look) and you must escape along with the help of various monsters, while scores and scores of heroes are trying to stop you. Speaking of those monsters, each of them has a specific role in the game and you can make your own playstyle by selecting the monsters of your liking. You can use the werewolf who is a strong attacker with no need for weapons, a skeleton that acts like the team's tank, the cultist that acts like the team's healer and some unorthodox choices like the vampire who acts as an aggressive healer, draining his opponent's health while sacrificing his own to heal the party. This, combined with the additional difficulty choices, gives the game some very nice replayability. As for the dungeons, they are surprisingly short and along with its unusual soundtrack, make Paper Sorcerer a great relaxing RPG to enjoy in bite-sized chunks. All these I liked a lot.

What I didn't like so much was the fact that each floor, with few exceptions, looked very similar to one another. While the game's short dungeons didn't ever confuse me, a bit variation would be most welcome. The interface can be pretty odd at times, with choices buried to the bottom of the screen till they are properly scrolled, inability to use the Escape button to go backwards and some oddities like a new weapon requiring a second click to be properly equipped. I was also disappointed by the game's bugs* since it meant that I was unable to complete some of the game's sidequests. I just hope that they are fixed in the next version before I replay the game.

*For those wondering, yes, I finished the game on the latest version, 2.3.

This is my list.
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June 17th - Blood (One Whole Unit Blood)

Just finished the last level out of all episodes, including secret levels. Wonderful game!

Post Mortem and Cryptic Passage didn't quite seem up to par with the first four episodes, though they did ramp up the difficulty in them.
just finished "Shadow Warrior" (2013) - i really liked this one. wasnt too short either. had that old skool gameplay nailed pretty well. maps werent quite as complex as in duke or original shadow warrior, but nothing wrong with them either really. is game about mindless violence and bad jokes afterall.
Among the Sleep, very soon after it came out. Backed it on Kickstarter. Very disappointed. The game is short and completely loses its novelty at the third level.

The plot does make some sense in the end, but it was not worth the 35 dollar I paid for (two copies and a soundtrack of) it. It is not worth the asking price. It is not worth 75p off. It is worth maybe 2.50€.
Eets Munchies.

Not bad. I liked it better than most puzzle games as most of them weren't timed. Nice logic as well. A few were over the top silly but it forced thinking differently. Short if you figure out the solutions quickly. (minutes to an hour or so) or a few hours pending how long you take solving, for the whole game. I think the game pretty much covers all of the puzzle options though, so the workshop maps aren't worth much.

Nice distraction while cooling off from many of the other disappointments I've tried (many of them AAA).
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow warrior - nothing to see, move along.
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MDK (17th June 11:55pm)

Was the ending a promotion for a single or something? I can see why this sis a cult classic game, there is a story, gameplay is basic, and the sounds a visuals are weird
DarkFall: The Journal

Hmm... Ok I guess, pretty impressive for a game made in Macromedia Director but it WAS made with that low grade tech and it does show
Interesting structure where almost all the locations and puzzles are accessible straight away and you're initially swamped with story, information and puzzle clues, making your own, paper notes (ironically, for a game called 'The Journal' in has no in-game notes to make or back refer to) and untangling it all feels kinda cool though
I did the first 18 hours without hints then in the end had to hit them for the last, really fiendish, obtuse or just plain badly designed or executed puzzles.
Quite a good story but not really that scary, navigation was OK considering its a 'Myst' style 'Flick-book' first person-er and those things can be a nightmare, helped that it was mostly corridors and hotel rooms, I guess

Full list
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Just finished Catacomb (Sampler Disk Version).
Nothing much to it, really. Not really hard. Just a short little game. Fun for the short amount of time it took.

Generally speaking, I liked the game, but it started to get a little bit repetitive near the end and I also think the game is only as interesting as the music tracks you use to play the game. I decided to use the music I've personally done over the years, so that was not an issue and it was actually fun to see those tracks "in a new light" while navigating through my own musical history as a wannabe composer. Never thought I'd use the tracks like this back then...wait. The demons had imprisoned "great composers" (yeah....not so sure about that), so...I was rescuing...myself? Huh.

I should mention I encountered a few bugs along the line: sometimes, the tracks had minutes of additional emptiness once the actual song ended (one song in particular had a whopping 6 minutes of nothing!): I suspect this might trigger if the track had a variable bitrate, but I'm too lazy to check. Also, once I failed to destroy the demon in time: then the game told me that demon is still haunting the song and I should try again before it fled, but when I played the song again, the demon never appeared. I tried replaying the track a couple of times, yet still no sign of the demon. It only appeared again once I restarted the game. It wasn't very fun replaying (and re-listening to) a song four times in a row for nothing. Also, once the demon hid in the top-left corner doing nothing and being completely out of my reach until the song ended: it happened in the song that had the 6 minutes of emptiness so I guess this screwed up the demon's parameters some way.

Well, outside the bugs and the repetitiveness, it's a fun shmup: but only play it if you a selection of music available that's really special to you and which you can really enjoy. Don't be thinking you will enjoy the game all the way through even if you only had Justin Bieber tracks available.