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The Oil Blue
I think I can regard this game as finished. I've unlocked everything and claimed every island. The only thing left to do is get to rank one, but it would take a lot of time and I'm not sure it is worth it.

I liked the game, even if it is just pushing buttons to keep the machines running and play some mini-games to repair them. Atmosphere and music were nice and the gameplay is quite addictive if you like this kind of simulation.

I might make it one of my nightshift games to get the final rank.

Complete list of finished games in 2014
include me

February 8th: Jazzpunk
March 30th: Hitman Contracts
April 23rd: Moebius
May 7th: Outlast Whistleblower DLC
May 29th: Among The Sleep
Sin Gold
Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
Thief Gold
Thief 2
Postal 2 (Updated version)
Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition

Stalker: Lost Alpha
Gone Home (Just finished it. It's 20:54 now, my paypal receipt says I bought it at 16:44. So, yeah...)
July 11th: Bioshock
Dear Esther
The Novelist
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Actually finished it on Monday, but forgot to "report" it :)

Pretty good ARPG that's lighthearted in feel and lite on RPG mechanics. Couldn't find the 100 Silver feathers needed for last playfire reward but oh well. The "faith in the Maker" stuff did start kinda wearing on me towards the end, but I get that the devs wanted to reflect their faith.

Woodle Tree Adventures

Also finished last week. Um, it was pretty short, and not awful.
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I just finished Hydrophobia: Prophecy. I do not recommend it.

My list.
Just Cause 2. I have slightly mixed feelings about this one. It was fun to play, no doubt. Running/driving/flying/boating around and wreaking havoc on anything and everything was a blast, and some of the missions were just really fun to play. But I was constantly annoyed by the Heat system, especially later in the game. When I wasn't in a mission and just traveling, sometimes I would randomly tick off some soldiers and get chased until I either died or started a faction mission, because I could never seem to get away from them, and if I fought them, my Heat would increase further. I died far too many times just trying to drive to locations because I would eventually have a helicopter on my tail. I also felt like I had to worry about running out of ammo too much for a game that is designed around wanton destruction.

Overall, though, I enjoyed it. I only completed 32% of the game by the time I finished the main plot. There's no way I'm going to attempt 100%, but I'll probably go back to it every once in a while just have some fun.
MDK2 (23rd June 8:25pm)

MDK1 was better, MDK2 just feels like a by the books game were MDK1 was a bunch of crazy people making a game. I loved the tardis ref (since the game came out before the show came back),. Just a by the books game
Return to Krondor. Been meaning to play this "only" since 2000 or 2001, when I played BaK, after all. Darn poor by comparison, no actual exploration, the camera angles are a darn pain at times, too scripted, combat worse as well I'll say, no more train through use... In itself, a decent game for its time marred by some poor design choices, but when you're a direct sequel to something like BaK, you're not judged solely on your own merits, and as I said, the comparison embarrasses the developers...

So yeah, just to say I finally did it.
Red Faction. I've discovered that however much nostalgia I may have for a game, it doesn't blind me. I have played several games that I loved as a kid but no longer enjoy them very much. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when Red Faction turned out to be just as fun as it was when I was a kid. The story isn't anything special (I know what happened, but the bad guys' motives were never clear), but as long as it keeps the game going and the environments varied, I don't mind. The gameplay is fantastic. The enemies move a little erratically, but it keeps the game challenging without feeling cheap (except, perhaps, for the railgun).

So yeah, great game.
Resident Evil 6


2013 List

A good effort, but I think I prefer the Firaxis XCOM (=Enemy Unknown & Within) games. The biggest problem in my opinion, was that sometimes the plot would take ages to advance. Most of the tasks included capturing alien officers or leaders alive, but more often than not they simply would not appear, or if they did, they were dead on arrival (didn't survive the crash). I found a live leader after encountering more than 200 UFOs and having had the best gear possible for a very long time: this was not good pacing. I also didn't like combat as much as I did in Enemy Unknown: it's slow as hell ordering 8-10 troops individually every turn - and if there are buildings with multiple floors, then it became even more tedious moving around. The missions are always the same too: after a UFO had been shot down, you were to send your team over, find the UFO, clear it from all aliens, then defend it for a few turns. After a hundred times, it started to lose its appeal.

Also, the Bravery stat is completely broken: it supposedly prevents mind control, panicking, hallucinating or berserking, but those happened very randomly nevertheless. I had a commander with 99/99+ courage but he would still panic or become dreaded just as easily as a green private. Not very fun when he would start shooting fellow majors and lieutenants with a plasma cannon "just because". The end was lackluster too: not only was the final mission complete horseshit with endless supply of Reapers, a fuckload of snipers, and the constant dread issue among my troops, but after I killed the boss and exited via a teleport, I only got a "Well done!" message not too distant from the NES era "Conglaturation!" screens.

There were positives too though, the game's not completely bad. For example I really liked how base building works. The geoscape was also well done, as well as encountering UFOs in air battles. And while the combat is slow and repetitive, it was still fun for the first 10 hours or so. The "xenopedia" is also very robust and with each scientific discovery you feel like you're genuinely making progress (in that field). Sadly, the crawling pace of the main plot is the biggest issue with the game. At one time there was discussion, whether or not Xenonauts would take over the X-COM throne: I think it won't. It's a good game, but definitely not great.

Btw, a couple of stats to anyone interested: I played on Normal, and by the end I had lost North America and South Africa (the former because there was a terror mission first on Nuuk, Greenland and later Anchorage, Alaska and my planes simply didn't have enough fuel to reach either place, so the USA left. Seriously, who gives a shit about Nuuk and Anchorage?!) 800K civilian casualties, 19 lost soldiers (around the time I reached my second alien base, I began abusing save and load because of the severe randomness/brokenness of soldier berserks and panics combined with enemies who could one-shot anyone regardless of their HP and armor)
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Beat Quest for Glory 1.

Good, but not that good, which is my experience with a lot of GOG's five-star classics. I really liked the dialog system and the text parser*. and I liked the writing. But the puzzles weren't much, the different character classes didn't seem particularly well-done (there are three different "puzzles" where the solution is "Throw a rock if you're a fighter, climb if you're a thief," and in two of those puzzles, the magic user solution is the same. "Throw" is actually both a fighter and thief skill, meaning that, in addition to using the same puzzle three times, they didn't actually bother to come up with a really distinct solution for the fighter). Combat was janky, and the brigand base was irritating. Still, I liked it enough to forge onward to Quest for Glory 2, although not immediately.

* I liked the idea of the text parser, at least. It could have been a little better-implemented.
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The Stanley Parable ("HD Remix")

Playing this after the free Source mod and the standalone demo game, it felt mostly like more of the same and also less on point and less exciting than the first version, although admittedly it's hard to judge now that the novelty has already worn off for me. During the two hours of time I spent with the remix, there were a couple of funny surprises nevertheless, but not more than in the demo or the first version. I'm not sure whether I would recommend the commercial version to anyone who hasn't played the free version and the demo, and for those who have, there's not that much new here either. With that in mind, even though I bought it at 60% off, from a customer's perspective it still seemed a little overpriced. Still, it's a nice conclusion for fans of The Stanley Parable, what with the in-game museum and all, and the devs definitely deserved my money for the whole project, including the free entertainment (and the game's production probably cost a lot more than what it looks like).
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And 3 hours after Leroux's post, I just finished The Stanley Parable also. I had not played the mod before this version, and enjoyed it very much. Nice to find something original instead of the constant stream of FPS shooter clones. Very well thought out game, and I look forward to more from the developers. 4 out of 5 for me, and worth the $7 spent.
As I went through some rough time in my personal life and, by consequence, spent a little while with no Internet access, I will report now and here the 3 games I completed during that time.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West: I was pleasantly surprised by this game, I didn't think I would enjoy it so much. It's basically a remake of the traditional chinese myth of Sun Wu-Kong (which gave us Sangoku long after), mixed with some hardcore parkour ala Mirror's Edge. I won't say a thing about the story, that you can like or dislike (I liked it), but the action is well made (even if the combos are not so numerous) in a visually gorgeous environment. You want action? You'll get action! Big up to the team that worked so well on the facial expressions of the characters, it was really a big plus! The only "minus" point is the ending, far too quick and after which you're left wondering "and... ?". Still I can recommend that game.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call (Nintendo 3DS): I have never been a fan of the FF series, and I only played the famous III/VI, but I'm a sucker for rhythm games. I had bought the first version on release, but sold it as soon as I saw that almost all the famous musics were sold as DLCs... The Curtain Call version is the GOTY version, with more than 200 songs to play with, and believe me, that's already a lot. It's a very nice game, that you "finish" (i.e. you see the credits rolling) after reaching 20.000 points, which took me around 12 hours, but you're far from having played all the songs in all the modes. Another very good game, that in fact pushed me to buy FF VII and FF VIII during these Steam Summer sales, just to see when the related songs were used...

Dragon's Crown (PSVita)|An instant classic among the Beat'em all. Got it for free in the Playstation Plus rewards program. This game is almost in itself worth the 50€ of the yearly subscription to that service! Of course, it's a little more difficult to clearly see the action than on PS3, because of the size of the screen, but I discovered that it wasn't really a problem for me. I finished it with the Wizard... to discover that I had only finished the "Normal" mode. So you can expect to play a long time, especially if you want all the trophies, since you'll have to play with all the 6 characters classes! Once again, an excellent game, that made me happy to have bought a Vita !

So far in 2014 :
jdjones1966: And 3 hours after Leroux's post, I just finished The Stanley Parable also. I had not played the mod before this version, and enjoyed it very much. Nice to find something original instead of the constant stream of FPS shooter clones. Very well thought out game, and I look forward to more from the developers. 4 out of 5 for me, and worth the $7 spent.
Good to know it's still working. I wasn't sure whether the commercial version would be as awesome as the free version when played without prior knowledge of the game. Apparantly it is and I just was too accustomed to the concept already. If you haven't done so yet, you might also want to give the demo a try - it's independent of the main game. :)