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I finished Darkness 2 on this week. The game is much better than i expected, the only negative thing is that the game is a little shor :(
But I am pretty sure i will replay it on the hardest difficult.
jamyskis: I'll probably get around to the All Intensive Purposes levels at some point.
Do yourself a favour and try at least the first ones. In contrary to the base game, these levels are insanely hard (but it's extremely rewarding when you beatone of them). So far I've never met someone who beat them all.
Resident Evil 5
I had to play this one before gone to RE6. It was better than I excepted. It can be rude at the beginning because of the day light, but finally the game is not unpleasant. And I enjoyed the story.
Finally S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl!!! Good game, but ridiculously hard sometimes. Can't remember another game where I got so many headshots (= instakill) just for looking around a corner. Save your game every few steps! And some of those mutants... Phew! The only good thing about them was, that you could save some ammo, because fighting them wasn't an option.

I'll need a little break before starting Clear Sky. I'm already looking forward to it, but I really need this break from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And I think I'll choose the second hardest difficulty, instead of the hardest. I almost quit Shadow of Chernobyl a couple of times, because it was too hard.

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Little Big Adventure (Noon 24th May)

Gosh why did it take me so long to play this (I bought it back in 2011). The gameplay, story, graphics music everything is amazing. Twinsen is likeable and Dr Funfrock is not. The only thing I didn't like is that you can't skip the boat and dino scenes
Just finished Electronic Super Joy - at least the official three-world campaign. There's a fourth world that you unlock when you have enough stars.

To be honest, I really don't know why I saw this game through. It's really not very good. It does have interesting platforming mechanics, and the soundtrack is incredible (even if my gf thought I was watching a porno while I was playing it), but the graphics are dreadful, both ugly and seriously headache inducing, and it's when the game amateurishly tries to introduce crush and flying mechanisms that it really falls down.

It feels as if the developer created an excessively simple framework and tried to create a full-blown game out of it.

I didn't like it. I found it neither completely bad nor good nor particularly interesting. To me, it just oozes mediocrity. The inspiration for the 'story' seems to come from Samorost, the game mechanics from Machinarium (which in my book is a bad thing), the sound design maybe from Botanicula, but it's just nowhere near as original and charming as the Amanita games. The visual style is so so, a bit crude but okay, the soundtrack is sometimes close to nice, other times very repetitive and annoying. The humor in the game is not really funny either, the best thing I can say about it is that it's weird. At its best it reminded me of Czech animation series I loved as a kid, but those moments are over pretty quickly, and maybe it would have been better as a short animation movie to begin with. The few puzzles there are are either pretty obscure or extremely simplistic or both. All in all it probably takes only an hour or even less to complete it (and only because the animations take up so much time), but it took me several days because I never really got hooked and I always lost my motivation to play it very quickly. Apparantly you can unlock three bonus games, of which I only unlocked one, but it was so amateurish and stupid that I didn't care for the other ones. Last but not least, options are limited to Fullscreen, Volume, 'Easy Mode' and Language. You can't set a resolution and the default resolution didn't fill my screen at 'Fullscreen' mode.

That being said, this was not one of those games that I passionately disliked. I just felt ... nothing.
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I completed Rayman 1 yesterday. Good game and not the easiest one. It can be frustrating and it is quite often unfair, trying to screw player and force him into repeating levels. But it never made me hate it and want me to abandon it which sometimes happens with frustrating games. It is certainly old and it shows, both in mechanics (you've got lives and if you loses them you are done; it is quite easy to gain more though) and in graphics. It is pixelated and not the best looking one anymore. It still has certain charm and are nothing to be disgusted about. Also sometimes it is somewhat arbitrary in what works and what doesn't but it is not frequent thing.
What I love about the game is how cheerful it is. That's gimmick of all Rayman games and this one does it well. It constantly feels like joyous adventure and Rayman seems to enjoy everything he does and even if it may sound bit childish, it made me enjoy everything as well.
I had almost no technical issues with it and even 360 controller worked just fine out of box, except for troubles with crawling and with need to calibrate it every time I ran the game (without it it wasn't as precise but worked).

I prefer Origins over this one but I liked it and would rate it as high as 8/10.
If you don't mind older cheerful graphics and hard platformer, you shouldn't be too afraid to try this one.

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Thomas Was Alone

While aesthetically simplistic, the game places a large focus on narrative. None of the colored blocks ever speak, and instead a narrator (voiced by Danny Wallace) tells the story as players move through the game. The colored blocks are all given names and personalities, and as they help each other through the game, develop attachments and aversions to each other.

The game begins with Thomas becoming aware that he exists. As he moves through the game, he meets other characters who have also had a similar awakening. At the beginning of each chapter, quotes from various fictional software engineers and corporate CEOs are displayed on-screen, each one talking about how certain self-aware artificial intelligences emerged in the systems they were creating. It quickly becomes clear that the AIs they're referring to are the colored blocks themselves, and their quest to escape. []
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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
Just finished it for the first time. Awesome, awesome game. Chose the Cleric as my starting class. Because I never put more than 15 points into Strength, I stuck with my trusty battle axe (eventually ascended to Divine +10) the whole way through, along with a Lightning Lucerne +10 later on in the game for a little more reach. Ended up as Level 95, at 82+ hours.
Tower of Guns

Kinda ashamed of what it took for me to beat the campaign - the "too young to die" perk + the ridiculous 5th Cake Town (50th run) reward.

Anyway, fun game :)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadows of Chernobyl

A gutsy tactical shooter with great action gun play. The cryptic plot is perhaps too cryptic but really a compelling game that was much harder than I expected.
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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

Word of advise, if anyone plans to play the single player portion of this game on the campaign mode play classic and not the advanced blitz mode. Its completely not balanced for late game as you run out of money and have no way to replenish it, as your team crumbles around you due to players leaving for no reason whatsoever.

I enjoyed the game anyway but I'm a fan of warhammer so I'm sure that helped. Its a shame a studio like cyanide made this.
Bioshock 2 and Infinite, completing the series.
It's interesting how they're quite different beasties.
Dust: An Elysian Tail. Very pleased with this purchase. While it has some elements that I don't particularly care for (such as the necessity to back track areas you've already done because you get a new ability that allows you to access previously unreachable areas) it's a pretty decent platformer with a pretty good story, some fun game mechanics, and very nice artwork. Impressive achievement for one guy. Recommended.