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sebarnolds: Finished Jazz: Trump's Journey that I got in a bundle. I was going through Desura games and quickly removing them from my todo list (i.e. try them and decide whether I continue to play them or drop them) and was surprised by this one. It was a good platformer with original gameplay stuff and the difficulty was really good (starts easy and progressively becomes harder).

If you have some time, I'd recommend you to vote for it on Greenlight (here).

Full list here.
PaterAlf: Would've loved to play it. But for me it always crashed right at the start (when playing in full screen) or when you get the trumpet (when playing in windowed mode). May I ask you on what machine (OS, graphic card, etc.) you played?
Windows Vista 64bits with an Ati Radeon HD 7850. I didn't had any bugs or crash.
sebarnolds: Windows Vista 64bits with an Ati Radeon HD 7850. I didn't had any bugs or crash.
Thank you. Might be a problem with Windows 7 then. Or maybe they fixed the bug and uploaded a new version during the last few months (I'll have to check it).
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Because we like suffering we completed LEGO Pirates of Carribean. I am warning everyone against playing that game on PC. In terms of gameplay it is one of best LEGO games, it has some quite entertaining levels and how swordfighting works is nice. But it is the worst PC port I have ever seen and I played Saints Row 2. There is so much wrong with it. The gamehas absurd loading times and loads almost everywhere. When you start the game, it takes several minutes to get into main menu. Then several more to get into port where you choose missions and from there several more once again to start mission. And when you start it, there is usually cutscene and after it it leads once again, shorter while this time but still about minute. This happenes with every single cutscene (plus if the cutscene is split into 2 five seconds long ones, they both load separately) and with transition between areas. Unless it decides it doesn't need loading sometimes, showing how the loads are unnecessary.
It is also buggy mess and likes to crash. Quite a lot. And when it does you have to go loading process again. Sometimes missions also break, can't be finished and must be restarted. (more loading - into the Port and back into mission and through cutscenes).
Then there is Port where unlocked characters are supposed to appear in order for you to buy them. Only they rarely do in PC version. I saw console gameplay where the Port is bustling with life but in our every character that decided to appear was small blessing. I.e. it took around 30 minutes of standing still to get one character needed for Red Hat appear. It was similar with other ones and if it wasn't for one crazy moment when around 30 of them appeared at once, we would nevere be able to gather them. Even this way we had to buy 2 with cheats because they just didn't show up.
Yeah and it also refuses to acknowledge the change of controls when you rebind the key and you have to do it up to 5 times before it decides to stick.
All in all good game ruined by PC port and I urge everyone to avoid it like plague.
Seriously, don't play it!
We were really stupid that haven't abandoned it quickly.
It would rate it 7.5/10 if it was ported well but this way it doesn't deserve more than 4/10.
The most soothing moment in this game was when I knew I don't have to start it ever again.

I also see I forgot to mention completion of Shadow Warrior (2013) aka "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wang". I really enjoyed the game and had fun with it from start to finish but I can't shake the feeling that it could be even better. Fighting is great but I would appreciate if it was less arena-like and more "fluid". What I mean is that you entered larger area where most enemies spawned and when you killed them, rest of rooms and hallways was mostly empty until you entered another "arena". It's nothing horrible but I think it would feel better.
I also disliked the frequent invisible walls. Lo Wang can do impressive feats but he instantly dies when he touches water and can't jump over 30 cm high railing even if he jumps over much higher obstacles when he is supposed to. The game restricts your movement options too much and I think it is sad because I felt like it doesn't have to, like it wouldn't hurt it at all if you could take some unplanned shortcut or just visit places you weren't suppose to visit. :-)
I also found secrets quite boring. Don't get me wrong, it is good they were there and I had fun looking for them. I missed maybe more than 1/4 and some of them were fairly well hidden (while others were in plain sight and I am not sure why they were called secrets at all). What I found boring was that it was always either blood or statue, nothing else. I would really like if there was non-linear weapon acquisition and you could gain some of them much sooner if you found them in secret areas. That made secrets in older games great. Getting rocket launcher right after the game starts is great thing even if you only get few shots with it. The way you gained new weapons here at strictly given points made it less interesting.
Boss fights were nothing amazing but they were not bad. Still I prefered to fight normal demons.
I also find a bit weird how game took suddenly serious tone near the end and I don't think it really fits but again it is in no way reason to reject the game.
I quite liked the powers and skills system and had fun customizing my Wang.
Even when I complained a lot (I always do, I find it easier than praising), I enjoyed the game and I recommend it to anyone who wants to slice some demons or just like shooters.
My rating is 8/10. Maybe 8.5. Damn I should have written this after I finished it, not a 1 month later...
EDIT: Nah, let's leave it at 8. :-)

Full list
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I just finished The Blackwell Epiphany last night. An interesting way to end the series :)
Also, now that the game is out, I can declare that I finished Vertical Drop Heroes HD, well, I finished NG and dabbled in NG+, which is infinite :)
Added Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to my list.
Just ran through the official extra modules for Arcanum. While the main game is great, these extra modules felt like little more than afterthoughts. There's one or two semi-worthwhile ones - like Vormantown - but the rest were pretty bad. In and out in 10 minutes kind of thing.

Honestly not really worth the time.
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
Four losely connected episodes (there's only a small cliffhanger between episode three and four) about the likeable British inventor and his charismatic dog. Think Telltale did many things right with this game and caught the mood and the humour of the movies very well.

Puzzles were good, I had to use my brain, but they were never that hard that I couldn't figure out the solution. Only in the last episode I was stuck for a while. Design, music and especially voice-acting were top-notch, only the camera was confusing from time to time.

All in all I liked it very much and so far it is my favourite Telltale game. It's a pity that they didn't do more seasons.

Complete list of finished games in 2014
Finished Far Cry 2. Knowing that most people didn't like this game because of the checkpoints and malaria, I was surprised that I liked this game as much as I did. The setting is wonderfully realized, the lighting is some of the best I've seen (next to only STALKER, maybe), and it helps to put you in the African country. Even, the amount of driving didn't bother me, part of the challenge was figuring out where to get to the mission area, though I did enjoy taking a boat via river much more. Turning off the music really helped the immersion factor even more, the world's sound really is well realized here.

Of course, there are things I didn't enjoy. The fact that almost every mission takes place on the other side of the world got tiresome, and the buddy missions only seemed to make the missions take longer. Also, the two factions are basically interchangeable - I had no concept of which side was which, outside of taking missions from the leaders.

So far:
Carmegeddon 2: Carpocalypse Now
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
Alien Shooter + Expansions
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death
Waking Mars
Far Cry 2
Just finished Wonderful 101's story mode. It really is wonderful. Not very long either, I went through most of the levels yesterday and today. It is not easy, though, but it's fun. I like Platinum a lot, Vanquish was also excellent.
JAN • Knack
FEB • Outlast
FEB • The Last of Us: Left Behind
MAR • TWD S2E2: A House Divided
MAR • Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes
MAR • Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2
APR • Resident Evil Revelations
MAY • Resident Evil 6
MAY • TWD S2E3: In Harm's Way
JUN • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
JUN • Hydrophobia: Prophecy
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<span class="bold">Frederic - Resurrection of Music</span>
Got the game gifted yesterday (thank you again xckx) and so I decided to play it right away.

The story is complete nonsense (Frederic Chopin raises from the dead and has to save the music by battling evil musicians), but it is very funny and the comical cartoonish cutscenes are very well made (they are unfortunatly lacking subtitles).

Gameplay is more or less Guitar Hero or Frets on Fire with a piano instead of an guitar. And instead of rock songs you have to play remixes of well-known Chopin compositions.
I like the idea, but the game has the problem that seven piano keys are pretty much and with four white and three black ones, it was more or less impossible for me to find a well-working control sceme. In the end, I played with the mouse most of the time, which isn't ideal as well, because tones often come in a very quick order or at the same time.

Was still able to beat the game on easy difficulty and it was fun as long as it lasted (I think about 90 minutes), but on the harder difficulties it might get frustrating quickly, because of the mentioned control flaws (just tried two or three battles).

Complete list of finished games in 2014
Just finished Escape Goat.

A wonderful game that most surprised me by the organicness of the solutions. I think there is likely to be more than one solution to several of the rooms, but even in the rooms with only one way out, the way you get to it feels logical and natural.

I'll probably get around to the All Intensive Purposes levels at some point.
Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Got the platinum rating. An okay game, although it's pretty repetitive, very easy, and overstays its welcome. Other than "designing" the menu for each day (or rather, choosing which foods you wanna cook today), there's no managing whatsoever: for example, you will never run out of ingredients. This would had brought a new gameplay element that could had extended my interest for a little longer. As far as the cooking goes, one thing I didn't like is that if you make any mistake during the cooking process (even if it's something like putting a wrong kind of sauce cup on the plate next to the lobster), your combo is ruined and you can't fix the dish by removing the wrong ingredient (seriously, why can't I just take the sauce cup away) or making it again from scratch. Then again, if you could do that, the game would be even easier. For around 20 hours of gameplay for a very low price, the game's good value, but it could have been even better and more complex.
Bravely Default (3DS):

(A few spoilers and a lot of text)

A great (but flawed) JRPG that’s pretty reminiscent of older JRPGs (namely Final Fantasy V). Here are the main issues I had with the game:

-The Second Half: Chapters 5-8 were the low point of the story overall. Sure, some major events happen in chapters 5 and 6, but 7 and 8? Nothing happens. I mean that literally, you learn nothing new and nothing different happens (main stuff wise, didn’t bother with the extra side quests in those chapters). I thought chapter 3 (where the story just goes to a halt where you assist in a civil war, but only due to circumstances) was the low point, but nope. If you change a few details in the story chapters 7 and 8 would be taken out, and nobody would notice. The true final chapter actually gets the story going again, but it took too long to get there.

-The Length: The game is 40-60 hours long content wise (that also includes the side quests in chapters 1-4), which isn’t that bad all things considered. What really annoyed me was the fact that chapters 5-8 tried to trick the player into thinking there’s more stuff there, but in actuality there’s just repeat optional side quests with some new rewards and some different dialog. I personally suggest (unless you really want to 100% the game) skipping all of those side quests in chapters 5-8 and continue on your main quest.

-Bravely Second Mechanic and SP Drinks: Kind of minor (somewhat), but something extra that was put into the localized (and For the Sequel) version of the game. It’s a rather interesting mechanic that would’ve been useful in the game, but in the end it felt like an afterthought. It felt incredibly out of place and didn’t really have any sort of benefit to it (one turn in Bravely Second costs 1 SP point out of a maximum of 3), but I thought it was sort of interesting how people reach the new maximum damage limit (999,999 as opposed to 9,999). Then there’s the microtransaction part of it: SP Drinks. To be fair (sort of), you can regain SP points by putting the game into sleep mode (8 hours for 1 point). However, just like the mechanic, this was also an afterthought. From what I read in discussion forums, the game actually got easier in the localization. So really, if you’re having trouble in the game, you can just turn down the difficulty (there are three from Easy-Hard).

-Tutorial Quests: This is pretty minor, but there wasn’t any need for this in the game. The rewards for doing these things weren’t that great to begin with (they’re items you can get by just killing monsters or just buying them from the stores). It’s pretty basic “How To” stuff revolving how to navigate the menu, how the brave and default mechanic works, and some extra stuff here and there.

-Lack of a Good Bestiary: This one is minor (since you can get info off enemies with Examine in battle and write them down, but only stats and weaknesses), but the game outside of battle didn’t have a good bestiary. D’s Journal gives you a summary of the enemy/bosses, but that’s it. No stats, weaknesses, what they drops, or what you can steal from them.

Those were really the main things that bothered me the most, but everything else I did enjoy quite a bit. The story, while clichéd in a sense, still felt enjoyable (but only the first few chapters and the true final chapter, if the second half was completely changed or 7 and 8 were removed It would've been a lot better). Sort of how I felt with Dust, it was clichéd, but still had an awkward and likable charm to it. The soundtrack was just amazing all around. The voice acting (despite having a few characters that sounded terrible) was good. The graphics were beautiful, and the 3D wasn’t that bad either (but had some ghosting effects here and there). Gameplay? Final Fantasy V and 4 Heroes of Light (since it’s a spiritual successor) with a sacrifice and saving turns mechanic, which I thought was very well done despite balancing issues towards the end of the game.

Overall, I say go for it if you like/love JRPGs. I might check out 4 Heroes of Light sometime, and hope Bravely Second turns out even better.
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