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DProject: Card City Nights

I had a gut feeling the game might be fun, and true enough it was. There's not much plot to talk about, but the card battles really worked well and I had a genuinely good time. It was interesting to make my deck better and better in small steps. The game wasn't particularly hard, which might be considered a minor negative. But other than that, no complaints. Also not much else to talk about either. Try it out! Also, thanks once again, Momo, for gifting me the game!
I just finished Card City nights myself and on coming here to write something about it found DProject's review which I agree with. Card City Nights was a blast, it's a bit casual and plays sort of like a more elaborate version of tic-tac-toe (or bingo) where you have to match attack/defense/heal/netural cards to create effects. The battles were generally easy with a sharp difficulty spike towards the end. Card City Nights is well worth the low asking price and better than it looks for casually toying around. The plot, such as it is, is mainly cartoonish unlocking of new locations with some occassional sight gags but mainly just to compel new card battles with new opponents.
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Just beat Project X Zone. Next is probably Xenoblade, hopefully in a couple of weeks.
Just saw the ending credits in Fallout: New Vegas. After the big disappointment of FO3 and despite knowing Obsidian is the developer, I avoided playing it for years fearing it would be more of the same... I'm glad I couldn't be more wrong! Definitely one of -if not THE- best RPG of the decade, a true Fallout in all of its aspects except in the lack of turn-based combat. I admit I hate the Gamebryo engine and the "elderscrollish" gameplay, while good enough with the hardcore mode adjustements, does not make me jump in joy, but those two cons are heavily outweighted by the terrific hugeness of the setting (both in terms of sheer dimentions and design quality), the great storyline and extremely belivable factions and characters, the clever and balanced use of non-combat skill (I'm impressed of how little fights I have been trough thanks to the Speech, Science and sneak skills) and the constant fun it provided! It reminded me of the good old days with its older brother Fallout 2, keeping me to play for hours and hours in the same way!
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. Not much to say, really. I personally think it's a bit better than the first one. The gameplay is a little smoother, the weapons are more varied and fun to use, the allied support is more varied, and the friendly AI isn't brain dead. Oddly enough, all of these things combined makes the game a tad easier than the first one, but as long as the experience is more fun, I don't really care. Also, this game was both longer and shorter than I remember. Longer because there were quite a few missions I don't remember at all, but shorter because it seems like it took me a long time to be it the first time I played a couple years ago.
The Bridge

It's kinda obvious where the developers drew their inspiration from. The game bears several similarities to another little game, called Braid: both require thinking outside the box, both have really nice graphics like they were hand-drawn (although the graphics in this game are mostly desaturated), and both have a plot behind them that makes next to no sense. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on when I played this. However, like Braid, this was a good game too. The puzzles were really interesting and cleverly designed. There were a couple of real mindfucks in there as well, but really only in the final chapter: until that chapter, I didn't have too much trouble with the puzzles. I guess it could be called a small detriment: too easy for the most part, then a huge difficulty spike right before the end credits. They could had evened this out a little bit throughout the whole campaign. I also wish they would've explained the story at least a little bit better instead of shrouding absolutely everything in mystery, but oh well. It's still a good game, and an easy recommend for anyone looking for a little brain teaser.
Thomas Was Alone

Nice little platform game with a likeable voice over and an endearing story. It's only 4 hours long, but it's one of the few games you'll ever play where you'll get all achievements from without too much trouble.
Just finished Mark of the Ninja. It is the only Klei game that I like. I have no idea what the story is. Might go through on New Game Plus.

My list
Little Inferno

Weird game. Or actually, it's more like a widget rather than a game. Burn stuff, buy new stuff with the money you got from burning the stuff, then burn that new stuff. And...that's pretty much it. Great for all the home arsonists out there. That's about all that can be said. Short enough to keep you interested and entertained for the whole length, but not something I would reminiscence years later.
Tomb Raider (2013)-- No DLC;
Note, I have never played any of the other Tomb Raiders, so I can't compare it to the others.
I went into this not knowing what to expect story wise. I read many reviews discussing how awful this version of Lara Croft was: a helpless, crying, damsel in distress and an overall pathetic thing as opposed to her previous portrayals. I feel that the writers of the articles played only 20mins of the game. Had they played further, a great story would have unfolded as to how Lara Croft went from naive, college grad to the kickass female protagonist she is known to be. Further, the story of the Island and Queen Himiko, was pretty engaging.
The puzzles were sometimes challenging, but never anything I needed to look up. Combat-wise, it can be what you want. Wanna kill tons and tons of guys? Well, if you just go running in shooting be sure that they are gonna call for back up. A lot of back up. Wanna go all stealth like? You can do that too. Very enjoyable.
Weapon customizations and skill trees are ok. You will easily be able to max them all out without trying.
I finished the game with 86% complete. Will I go back and play? Probably not. Though I really loved the game, I feel it's replay value is minimal, unless you are into trophies. Note, I didn't get any DLC.
Just finished Might and Magic 7. As the first play, I took light route, and my adventures are finally LV65 Fighter/Thief/Cleric/Sorcerer. All in all I enjoyed this great game.

My List
Crewdroog: Note, I didn't get any DLC.
Forget about them. IIRC there's only one single player 'story' DLC and it's just another of these short puzzle tombs that you can finish in 5 minutes or so. Some outfits are nice if that's your sort of thing, but now that you've already played through the game and won't replay it, they're worthless to you too.
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition. I mostly had fun with Batman: Arkham Asylum, it has a decent story, generally good atmosphere, great graphics and sound and the gameplay is pretty fun. However it started getting really tedious in the end, especially as the game's idea of the raising the difficulty only involved tossing waves of enemies at you and making the already annoying backtracking into a complete chore. I played Batman: Arkham Asylum after Batman: Arkham City, and to me, Batman: Arkham City is superior in pretty much every way.
Crewdroog: Note, I didn't get any DLC.
Leroux: Forget about them. IIRC there's only one single player 'story' DLC and it's just another of these short puzzle tombs that you can finish in 5 minutes or so. Some outfits are nice if that's your sort of thing, but now that you've already played through the game and won't replay it, they're worthless to you too.
thanks! good to know.
Sonic Generations.

This is not a "new" Sonic game. It's a level from each previous Sonic game into one with the 2d Sonic games having 3d levels and vice versa. It actually started out fun until I got to the Sonic 2006 stage. (Coincidence?) Everything went downhill from there. All of the stuff that people hated about the later Sonic games made an appearance. Then finished all of that with probably the worse final boss battle in video game history. I'm glad I only paid 8 dollars for this game.

The List
Needed a short break from The Witcher and Project Diva, so I picked up my 3DS for the first time in a couple months. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds had been sitting nearly finished for some time, but no longer!

By and large it was everything you'd expect from an old-school top-down Zelda game. If anything it relies a bit too much on nostalgia to sell it - compared to LttP the world map is almost the same, several dungeons are almost the same, as are many bosses.

I had some pretty major problems with the controls. Anytime I'd try to face a cardinal direction, if the stick was even remotely offset I'd end up facing diagonally. There's also a small but noticeable delay between hitting an attack/item button and the action actually happening. This all made combat and certain puzzles considerably harder than they should've been. Discounting that, the game wasn't terribly hard aside from the occasional puzzle I had to think about.

I really wanted to get this game out of my backlog, so I didn't go for 100% completion. I never got the final sword upgrade (not that it was necessary at all), and missed 5 Pieces of Heart. I only found 75ish Maiamais because it was just too tedious to search out the remainder.

While I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the NES/SNES era Zelda games, I liked it a lot better than Ocarina of Time.