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brinf1: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing - I don't play a whole lot of racing games, but this one was great, even though I've never played any of the games the racers are taken from and have no built-in fondness for any of them. The game controls exceptionally well, looks great, and has excellent local (split-screen) multiplayer. Now on to "Transformed" which so far looks awesome.
Fever_Discordia: I played Transformed on a Steam 'free weekend' promo a while back - I though it had huge potential to be a Mario Kart rival but was marred by unbalanced drivers, with Sonic himself being loads better than anyone else!
I think either Ulala and Metal Sonic are waaay better than Sonic. Knuckles was pretty good too, imo. Ulala is great for stages where you need tight navigation.
Just finished up Arcanum for the first time in years (GOG version rather than my old box edition, plus the UAP). Nice to play this classic again. I absolutely love the setting, and really wish this idea would be used more often. "Industrial Revolution in a world of Magick" - it's awesome! The main story is great - paced well with enough twists to keep it interesting. The side quests are pretty hit and miss though. Some are are your average quests you'd find in any RPG, some really good little side scenarios, while some hint at greatness but end prematurely or in some unsatisfying way.

As good as the world-building is, the characters are pretty weak. Some of the more important NPCs have a lot of interesting history to them, but none of the recruitable party members reach that level. There's maybe 2-3 that have anything at all, the rest are little more than an introduction. Definitely a missed opportunity here.

Difficulty in this game is quite backwards. The first levels are the hardest and slowly gets easier, then you hit a build-specific power spike after which everything is a cake-walk. For this character, a Technologist melee character, the stars aligned around level 30 when I got the materials and schematics to build Pyrotechnic Axes, Machined Plate, Flow Disruptors, and other nice gear for my party. I also did the mastery quests for Melee and Dodge shortly after that which just added to the power.

Still, Arcanum is an RPG well worth playing for anyone who hasn't yet. I'm planning on playing through again concentrating on the Mechanical discipline. I want to have an army of robots kill everything for me. Still trying to work out a build I'm happy with before I start though. Also considering editing the NPC leveling schemes to make my followers spec a bit more intelligently.

Anyways, yeah. Arcanum. Play it.
I had Unreal experience of Returning to Na Pali and running away once again.
I really liked the log bit at the end of the mission but story really leaves a lot to be desired. Especially way they axed it. Anyhow I preferred it to the original game.
What should I play next....
*looks at the backlog, sees nothing interesting
Never, ever, ever make 200 game backlog. You'll see nothing at all.
Ideas folks?

Full list here!
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Loved the concept, the story, the design and of course the great soundtrack. But is it a good game? Absolutely not! Secondary missions are more or less the same ones over and over again (they don't even get hard) and in primary missions there isn't much variety either (beat'm up missions, convoy missions or stage battles). And the RTS part of the game unfortunately is confusing and hard to control (and yet not really hard, because of pretty dumb AI).

After half the game I was really bored and just kept playing to see the next cut scene and find out how the story develops. Beat the end boss at 70% and have absolutely no desire to go back to find the rest of the unlockables and the bonus stuff.

Complete list of finished games in 2014
Finished Diablo 3 on Hard Mode today. D3 is a pretty good game post patch 2.0 with a much better loot system. You now get that constant stream of sweet loot that Diablo games must have. The story is forgettable but we don't play action-RPGs for the story, do we? The only issue with the game is that it is too easy. In patch 2.0 you have 3 difficulty settings to choose from and I started out on Normal but before the end of Act 1 I switched to Hard and it was still too easy and I only died once in the entire game. I could have increased the difficulty one more notch but I shouldn't have to do that since I'm not really a good player.

But overall I enjoyed my time with Diablo 3 though it can get repetitive but that's true of all ARPGs. But from what I understand the game is much better post patch 2.0 and no more RM Auction House.
Last night I beat The Last Story, finally. I got the game at launch, and then after getting a little ways in put on semi hold until school calmed down. After that I played it that next summer and got further that June-ish and then later that August, until the about five boss fights slowed me down, not to say I didn't go through them timely right until the final boss fight where the boss has three stages and it just demoralized me immensely and so I would occasionally try again and level grind until recently where I was committed to beating the game and I level ground up to level 77 and finally beat him last night. Overall, an excellent game that I feel would have had a better overall feel that I cheapened by extending the playtime over so many different periods. Also, I like it just a little bit more than the Witcher 2, but I feel if I played it in a shorter sitting I would have liked it a lot more.
Overlord and the Raising Hell expansion.

I had actually already finished Overlord way back when it was first released, but felt like playing it again recently.
Loved it back then, still love it now.
It is by no means a great game, but it is fun to play and there aren't many games like it.
It's quite charming and funny (at least IMO) and definitely worth your time.
The expansion however, I feel differently about.
It still has the humor of course, but the design of the level focuses on exactly those bits of Overlord that aren't fun.
A lot of enemies that can only be defeated one certain way, respawning enemies and a lot of timed sequences using the clunky 'sweep move'.
The new items introduced by the expansion are kind of useless compared to just upgrading the regular equipment and the whole 'hell' theme doesn't do it for me, part of the charm of the original game was the contrast between the happy medieval fantasy land and the evil going on in said land.
Just finished The Network (for those that have never heard of it, it's on Desura)

A very entertaining and rather original arcade shooter, a change for such an 'artistically-minded' title, with my only complaint being that it really was far too easy - I started it 30 minutes ago and have just finished it (there are two endings, but either ending seems to be selected right at the end, so there's nothing more to see).
Jedi Outcast.

That lipsync.
Just finished Metro: Last Light (PC).
What an awesome freaking game + FPS.

Added it to My 2014 Finished Game List:
Finished The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 3. More of the same, which is good. It seemed to me that this episode had more talking than the other though.

Full list here.
Urban Trial Freestyle - I've been playing this one off and on for a while now. I unlocked all of the courses and finished them all. I probably should try to get 5 stars on all of them, but I don't care to. The game wasn't very good in my opinion. I guess I can consider it "finished."

Here's a Dangerous Dave Pack GOG code: 93GL-9DM3-Q9AK-YC7W. I hope to see it on someone's list in the future.

Ibb & Obb - I just finished this one. The game would probably be more fun with two players, but I just played it by myself. It could get really frustrating when trying to control both characters at the same time with one controller (similar to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons), but overall I enjoyed my time with it.

Full List
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

I really liked this one, after getting over the early shock of how dark this light-looking game turned out to be. I also didn't mind one bit how much easier it was than the first game, and was very glad to find out the devs seemed to have taken to heart the criticism of the first game's bipolar endings.
I did it. I won 2048! :O

(Yes, I already know that Threes came first...)
2048win.png (63 Kb)
Expeditions:Conquistador. Fantastic game. I picked it up during the first Keaning (Insomnia Sale) and finally got around to playing it. Lots of options for how the story can play out. I managed to amass a good amount of treasure and the king of Spain was most pleased with my three-year expedition to the New World, granting me titles and lands for my success. Alas, one of my expedition members died during our explorations, but he'll be fondly remembered by his stalwart comrades. Decided not to go for the complete Conquistador scenario, so sided with one faction and fostered good trade relations between them and Spain. Helluva fun game. Highly recommended.