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Dishonored GOTY (again)
Finding Teddy
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper
The Journey Down: Chapter One
The Walking Dead + 400 Days

will update with more info later
Agh, so basically it's Steam only. =/
ShadowWulfe: Agh, so basically it's Steam only. =/
Actually, after a quick search it looks like you can also buy the programs here:

I don't know if they have any decent sales or not, but if you don't want to deal with Steam then that would seem to be an alternative.

(btw you ought to try some of the games I linked to anyway ;) if nothing else it might give you some ideas and show off the capabilities of the program, whichever one you go with)
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Expeditions: Conquistador: enjoyed this one a lot, tbs/rpg game where you can just wander around the map discovering side quests.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: one of the most visually impressive games I've played, spectacular graphics and art direction. Very impressed with how the control scheme was integrated into the story and themes.
Cognition Episode 1 - The Hangman
A nice adventure game. I liked the graphical style, the soundtrack and the overall atmosphere. Puzzles were a little easy and obvious most of the time, but there were also some good ones that were harder to solve.

Game ended with a pretty mean cliffhanger. Think I'll have to play the other episodes as well now.

Complete list of finished games in 2014
So far this year:


Quest for Glory 1 - Finished it as a Fighter. Pretty fun game. I'll probably try to finish the rest of the series at some point this year.

Primordia - Really short, but the story and art is amazing


Eschalon: Book II - Played through as a Merchant Thief/Jack-of-all-trades. This one was a lot of fun and after taking my time with it since early Autumn, I had to hurry up and finish since Book III is coming out this Friday... Can't wait!
Only took 20 years, but I finally finished The Incredible Machine 3.
These are some of my favorite games ever. But unfortunately, The Incredible Machine Mega Pack sold here on GOG doesn't include my favorite one - TIM2. TIM 3 is the exact same game, but runs in Windows instead of DOS. TIM3 is windowed, the music is out of tune, there is not voice over from Professor Tim, and the interface is just ugly, gray, boxy, and boring.
Still great, but I very much prefer 2 over 3.

And I didn't look up any of the answers!

Full List.
Killzone 2: I enjoyed playing the game but there is also not much special about it. The graphics are beautiful even for today's standards. Story is also not very interesting and I know there is a deep lore about Killzone universe already on the internet but I am talking about the story offered by the single player campaign. Game is very linear and forces you to move on specific waypoints the game sets for you which is another thing I was disappointed with. I have found the later missions much more interesting than the first ones so I would advise to play it until the end since the game is rather short. I know it would be unfair to compare this with FPS games for PC so I am gonna keep the comparison for PS3 shooters. From what I've played so far, I think Resistance 1 is a much better game than Killzone 2, yet Killzone 2 is way better than Resistance 3.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee: I didn't beat this one but quit playing. I just wanted to write a few words about it. Firstly, the game design is incredibly artistic and creative. You won't find any health bars or any UI here. The story is also a very strong element of the game which in my opinion brings some criticisms to the system. Graphics, for its time, are simply a-mazing. However..... Abe's Oddysee does the same mistake of some of the earlier old fashioned platformers that is the frustrating difficulty. Don't get me wrong, I love difficult games as long as it is hard for making the game experience nicer and more challenging. But Abe's Oddysee has this trial error system in which you have to memorize a long sequence of in which second to jump, to stop, to run etc. If you don't do the perfect move in any of the seconds you die and lose a lot of progress (the game also has a terrible save and checkpoint system). So the only way to make progress is to keep trying until your fingers memorize how to act in every second. This is something that pushes me away.

List of all games finished in the last years:
Managed to beat two new games this weekend. Both bit meh actually.

First up was Super Mario 3D Land. A Nintendo 3DS title. And probably for the first time a platformer Mario game that I didnt really care for. Not played one since the first SMG. Anyway this game is from 2011, which on the same year as when the 3DS came out. And this really shows. Game is full of 3D gimmick, which sucks since I can not see it. Or not for long time without terrible headache. Of course you can play the game without 3D turned on, which I did. Sadly there are several parts in the game where the level are designed clearly with another perspective in mind. Still playable and some really awesome levels and additions. Playing with the Tanooki suit is always a blast.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. Another game relying heavily on a gimmick. Which was quite smart actually. Biggest problem I had with this was that the game was way too easy and short. There was practically zero challenge on the puzzles. Sure couple of places where you could die, but there was not a single place I had to even think. The "emotional" story had zero impact here. It just felt very shallow. Sure the game looks stunning at times and the little music I heard was pretty great as well. Had to change to my own music quite soon after the daft sim-lish the brothers were using.

Man, what a grindfest. It looked pretty interesting at first, but after only an hour everything began to repeat itself. Your "friends" are simple pawns you use to harvest happiness and status, instead of being people you actually care about. Everyone is super depressed on board, my character included. And I must have dated like 10 different people until they felt neglected enough to end it (if they hadn't died on away missions). What an evil game. The "spacebooking", that is the meat and bones of the game, didn't actually play that big of a part in the overall plans. If I had an action point or two to spare, I would post a message no-one would care about, just to pass time. People would tag me constantly, but I was too busy engaging in activities that would earn me XP in different skills, so that I could advance in my career faster. Once time was running out, I tried to woo my boss, and actually succeeded too, but I made the mistake of applying for a position the next day, which she picked out immediately and ended our relationship :( Luckily, I had amassed enough charisma and wealth to buy a shuttle ticket from the black market for a fraction of the actual cost, and abandoned the station while everyone else suffered a horrible death. Did I mention this is an evil game? Anyway, now that I've seen it and succeeded in escaping, I don't think I will play the game ever again. It's just too damn repetitive and focused on grinding skills, there isn't anything left to see. And like I said, it's funny how the spacebooking really didn't influence anything at all in the end.
Penumbra: Overture: I loved it. It is a brilliant atmospheric adventure game by the brilliant developer Frictional Games. With such low budget, they have managed to create one of the best horror ambiance in a game! The puzzles all make sense which makes it a good adventure game on top of being a great horror game. I especially loved the sound effects and the way the player interacts with the environment. Yes, the game has some bugs and the dogs (hostile creatures) have some stupid A.I., but they can all be forgiven for this low-budget yet amazing horror game. Totally recommended!

Killzone: Another game I had quit a while ago (didn't finish this one). I started this since I like playing series from beginning to the end. But this failed to keep my interest for long. It probably has one of the best graphics for a PS2 game, but I really hate the pre-PS3 console shooters where the game is extremely difficult only because they couldn't manage to make the game playable with a controller. Killzone was a disappointment for me.

List of all games finished in the last years:
I finally got around to finishing the last battle in Hammerwatch as a wizard and completing the game 100%. Another fun experience, but if you want to play the game a second time just to complete it 100%, its not really worth it - see below.

**** SPOILERS ********************* SPOILERS *****************

There is almost no difference between finishing the game without all the planks and finishing with them. If you have all the planks, you must run through a few small areas before time runs out. The end screen that shows your statistics if you don't have all the planks? Well, you get the exact same screen except it says "you beat the dragon and escaped the castle". Very disappointing. At least give me something extra for the effort.

**** SPOILERS ********************* SPOILERS *****************
Long Live the Queen

A frustrating game in that there's a lot of trial and error involved, and no real good way to know what skills should be built to prepare for the game ahead. But it was fun to see the results of succeeding when that did happen. I think I've seen her die almost every way by now, but I only saw one ending. It's not worth the effort to see the other endings, so I consider it done.

Papers, Please

Very cool, wish there was more to the gameplay, but overall enjoyable. I think I got the happiest ending, but I also happened on a really bad one by ignoring a request from my superior, lol- that was a shock, but also not really a shock. Fun game.

<span class="bold">Raven Legacy of Master Thief</span>

<span class="bold">Expeditions Conquistador</span>

Valdis Story

Dracula 4 + 5


Magic 2014

Cognition Erica Reed Thriller

Don't Starve

Gray Matter

Divinity OS
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Time to list my January finishes. Well, the time was when I finished them but at least I am listing them now. :-)

First was Earthworm Jim 2. I finished it about 2 years since I started it which is quite pathetic for such a short game.
It was because I got quite far in it back then but then got dishearthened that I can't return to any level. I returned to it recently and finished it quite quickly. If I was to compare it to its prequel I would rate it about the same. In core it's the same game with different levels. Some of them are better than in 1, osme are worse, but almost all of them are very innovative and funny.
I enjoyed almost everything in the game except flying level and last level. I played through whole game on hard difficulty but I had to lower it for last level, otherwise I would never completed it.Even on normal it took me dozens of attempts to beat it with sheer luck.

I personaly would rate it 7.5/10.

Then we finally got 100% completion on LEGO Harry Potter 5-7. One of the best LEGO games we completed so far because it has interesting and well done levels. It still lacks challenge but it is better than HP 1-4 mostly thanks to addition of duels. Those are fun but could be bit harder too.
I would give it 8/10.

I also went through freeware version of Octadad when the new one was released here. I really like the game. It's so crazy.
8.5/10 because it's too short.
Oh snap! So just like Kanye Quest, I don't need to buy the actual parent program?

To stay relevant to the thread, since I last posted I finished:
Eschalon II (shoutout to Jasioar since I don't know how to reply twice, super excited for Book 3! I keep telling myself to stop day one purchasing things but...)
Jazzpunk (I'm certain I didn't find all of the little tucked in references and funnies, will definitely have to give it another go at some point because I loved it)
Currently working on The Banner Saga. Need to train my tactical chops again.