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include me

Finished so far:

- Splinter Cell Blacklist
- Borderlands DLC campaigns
- Aliens - Colonial Marines
- Borderlands 2
- Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
- Broken Age - Act 1
- Crysis 2
- Shelter
- Arcanum
- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
- Redshirt
- Vector
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Gabriel Knight 3 (5th Feb 7:28pm)

Mixed feeling about this game. Fiurst thing it was hard to get into after GK2 since it is in 3D and the camera is a bit messy. There are no clay in the crime scene items but it is tricky (I will never play human size chess ever gain).

I must say the story does help a lot and some of the characters are awesome and they were all there for a good reason.

I like it but I do like GK2 better

PS GOG please add the graphic novel thing. Also I am looking forward to the remake of GK1 (will pay full price)
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Long Live the Queen

I had a blast playing it but I can perfectly understand that some people were disappointed. It's true what they say that there is not much gameplay here and you have virtually no chance to survive the first playthrough. The point of the game is to remember what will happen (based on your previous tries) and to try to counter those events. After a while you may go deeper and try to figure out why those things happen and how to prevent them at all! That was the most enjoyable part for me! It's also worth to mention that you can really win the game with several completely different builds.

So yeah I did enjoy the game a lot. But the thing is my first computer was C64 and I played a lot of games with a limited gameplay and the most important point was to figure out how you should play it (Lord of Midnight is a good example, you can buy a remake here) so I enjoy those games immensely but I can imagine that not everybody share my attitude.

I'll stop playing it for now but I'll definitely come back to it. There are still a few mysteries to be solved!

Full list
So yeah, I completed Musaic Box today - however its a symptom of the fact that I'm so stuck and yet seem so nigglingly close to doing the horrible 3 bosses in a row ending of Cave Story + that I've taken to playing hidden object style casual games to compose myself between attempts, as this one is short!

Musaic Box is an interesting innovation on the usual hidden objects with block puzzle formula though, interesting musical twist, for what its worth!

Full list:
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More RPG Maker horror! This time:

The God of Crawling Eyes

Like Ib in a way, the main appeal is in its rewards for repeated playthroughs. By itself the game is really short (20 minutes for your first playthrough, like 10 minutes once you know what you're doing) and the story predictable and unremarkable partway through (really rides on some heavily used Lovecraft tropes). The experience though is really solid. The atmosphere is amazing, and the minimalist soundtrack adds a lot to the creep factor. Stylistically it's striking too but I wish it went further with it. Basically, your character is a colorblind high-schooler and starts some medication which is supposed to allow him to see in color. It just so happens that he starts to see them at the worst time possible (at the scene of a nasty mass murder with blood and red footprints leading to the door in your classroom). The world is entirely black & white with the occasional bit of color (usually just red, though there's also blue when you see the American flag). The problem is that the colorblindness never really plays any significant role in the story or game whatsoever, or ever develops beyond the small amounts of red and the one instance of blue. It's kinda arbitrarily there as some stylistic choice, but one that never follows it through to its full potential (yellow sadly never appears, or any other color for that matter besides the two mentioned). Really for such common colors as red and blue there is an amazing lack of those in this school and the environments. The story and dialogue are pretty well-written but again heavy on the Lovecraft cliches by the end. No jumpscares at all I am happy to report though there are several nasty ways to die (one slightly annoying one is a room you have to enter to collect an item where if you're literally a second off your step when you try to exit you will immediately die). There are only four points where you can save your game but it's not much a problem since each section of the game is short and simple enough that if you do have to restart for whatever reason you'll lose hardly any progress at all.

Now the fun part - as I mentioned this game is designed around multiple playthroughs. At least four to be precise. There are four possible endings you can get and each will unlock something in the game, whether previously locked rooms in the game or an ability that allows you to traverse previously inaccessible areas. Clearly intended for a bit of fun, as each new room is suitably goofy and humorously self-deprecating to some extent or another. The most "serious" of these are the drama room, which allows you to change your costume (including one that is too ridiculous to resist, I won't spoil it), and another that can change the soundtrack to the most bombastically cheery and upbeat arrangement which plays in all its hilarious inappropriateness through the rest of the game if you want to. I won't give away the other rooms, it's really worth trying for yourself. I will say though that the guidelines for getting all four endings aren't exactly obvious. Getting two of the endings at least involves going to a certain area with one character or another, but how it plays out depends on whatever dialogue options you chose earlier. I think there is only one instance for each character where the dialogue you choose influences the ending but I was never entirely sure. I couldn't find a walkthrough so basically each playthrough involved me choosing the complete opposite answers I did before and going onward. I THINK the two screens that decide the ending are, mild spoilers, I'll just hint at them, one instance where you must decide whether to comfort a character or ask them for their help. Another one is confirm a friend's rumors as being possibly true or just a mere rumor. I have no idea why these lead to the endings they do, there's really no logical connection I could find between the endings and some of the dialogue choices but whatever.

Good game overall, 3.5 / 5. It's entirely free so if you want to try it, go here:
aaaaand now I've finally finished Cave Story + too! That final triple battle really WAS a bitch! I only had the booster 0.8, Fully upgraded rockets, the machine gun, the weird gun that gets worse as you level it up (and only takes one token to level it) and the flame thrower thing, I guess
I used the rockets to make short work of the doctor on level 2, for the undead core I made sure that Misery only had a little bit of killing left after I'd 'killed' Sue because when Sue's gone misery starts firing those homing missiles and I really couldn't cope with them
Oh and I had the heart capsule still, managed to save it for going mano e mano with the core once Sue and Misery were dealt with
and still, at the back of my mind I know that's only the 'Normal' ending before I realised the true horror of the final battle I considered maybe putting it back on the list of possibles for a 'best ending' run through but being stuck for literally days on that and the queue of 2D platformers I have in these Indie bubble days means I'll probably just mark it as complete and move on
Very good Japanese style, old school platformer if a little heavy on the boss fights, throughout
I feel like I've 'leveled up' my platforming and boss fight skills after finally making it through that one!

Full list
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Thanks to Momo's recent Gogaversary giveaway, I obtained a copy of To the Moon, and I've just finished it tonight.

What a beautiful game, truly. I laughed, I cried. The story was good, but what got to me mostly was the music. Any time a tune would start, I always stood still to listen for a few minutes, for fear that moving would cut it short. As the end of the credits rolled, I was so happy to see a link for where to get the soundtrack, because that was the #1 thing on my mind at that point. I'm listening to the music now, as I type this.

I hope Kan Gao and the Freebird team make many more games, because their philosophy sounds like just the kind of thing I like. There may not be any major gameplay-altering decisions to make, but just watching it unfold is enough for me, because it's a story worth caring about. I will be thinking about these characters for a while, I think.

My list
The Witcher - Enhanced Edition
Overall I enjoyed the game even if it was not as good as I expected it to be. I liked the story (especially in chapter 2, 3 and 5). Think some of the quests and storylines could've been more detailed while others were a little to long (e.g the part in Murky Waters) but all in all it was fine and left enough space for own thoughts and interpretation at the end of the game.
Combat was ok. Would've wished for some more strategy in it, but I've seen a lot of games where it was worse.
Greatest flaw in my eyes was the role of the female characters. I think every single young female character that has a line of text is willing to have sex with you. That's really ridiculous especially for a game that claims to be mature.

Complete list of finished games in 2014
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And another one done :) Me and a friend got together today, so we could negate his bad internet connection and finish the Portal 2 Co-op at my house. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I played it. I haven't played many co-op games yet, but I think

complete list
PaterAlf: Greatest flaw in my eyes was the role of the female characters. I think every single young female character that has a line of text is willing to have sex with you. That's really ridiculous especially for a game that claims to be mature.
That was the greatest flaw of Sapkowski's books about the Witcher too or at the very least that's my opinion. I think that sexual aspect of those books/games actually undermines their point. I really liked that Sapkowski tried to show that the real life is not black and white, that we will face many difficult choices that cannot be labeled as purely "good" or "evil". But some parts of the same story are like wet dreams of a teenager and it's just... so unrealistic. the perfect example from the game is Blue Eyes quest. It could have been a lot about moral choices, a dilemma who is a real monster there... but the way they made it is all about sex, sex and sex. Shame.
Just finished Jazzpunk. I have to say that on my second playthrough on some chapters I found a couple of things I missed. This game is definitely not one to rush through as there are tons of little Easter eggs to find and, no, most of them are not of the "le epic meme XD" variety :)
The Wonderful 101

Dear God, do I love Platinum. Magnificent bastards that they are. Perhaps a little stretched out in places, but I can't help but think that's because I'm playing it wrong. Also a few *too* many space harrier sequences.
Just finished Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. This is a game I had pre-ordered and played since the day it came out. I liked it so much I didn't want to finish it, so I really took my time with it. It's now one of the very few games which I completed 100%. I did absolutely everything you could do in that game and loved every second of it. Many evenings where I didn't feel like playing anything serious I would start up Black Flag to just sail around listening to shanties and loot the occasional Prize :)
After being a bit disillusioned with Assassin's Creed 3, playing Black Flag was awesome. Looking forward to the next installment.

2014 list:
- Splinter Cell Blacklist
- Borderlands DLCs
- Aliens - Colonial Marines
- Borderlands 2
- Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
Broken Age

A little disapointed with it to be honest. The production values of the game were brilliant, but the difficulty was way too easy. The puzzles felt more like fetch quests than actual puzzles. I'm hoping they sort that out in the second act.
Finished Alone in the Dark 2008 (aka Alone in the Dark 5) for PC. Not much to say that hasn't been said in the gaming press: awesome graphics and atmosphere (especially the fire effects), some cool set-pieces, a number of really interesting ideas. Despite all this, the game was a grinding slog to play through due to the combination of god-awful controls (I played with an xbox 360 controller after discovering that rebinding keys was a horrible bitch, but the game still controls horribly) and the inability to save in the middle of an "episode". Yeah, the game lets you fast-forward to various points in the episode you're in (at the cost of your inventory), but the game never "saves" until you transition from one episode to the next. In practice, if you want to play as the same Edward through the whole game, that means playing at least one episode at a time. And because some of the puzzles are obtuse and the combat is artificially difficult due to the way it's implemented, that can mean many hours of frustration until the end of an episode is reached. Plus the ending is really ... unsatisfying. Anyway I'm done with the entire series now, as I binge-played 1-4 last year before finishing up 5 this year. "Mixed bag" pretty aptly describes the entire series I'd say.