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I finished Beneath A Steel Sky!
Ultimatum: I finished Beneath A Steel Sky!
Hell, it's about time! :p :D
The Cat Lady - There were some parts that felt out of place but overall it was very good. Soundtrack is also nice.

full list
This list has all the games I've finished in September. For the August list, go here.

September 1st: The Sims 3 (with the Seasons expansion). My girlfriend borrowed me a couple of expansions, so I guess I'm still playing the game. I don't think the Seasons pack improved the game that much: it was nicer to look at sure, because of the change of seasons, but the new activities weren't really that exciting in my opinion. Especially the town festivals were mostly just a big bore with not that many interesting sights.There was also one weird incident, where I won fucking 19 600 Simoleons from a single pie-eating contest. Good bye challenge. My sim's lifetime wish was to become a well-known writer, and that was piss easy to accomplish too. After that I tried to do all kinds of things just to keep me entertained, like murdering the neighbour's infant in the freezing cold, but that didn't work because those bastards are apparently immortal. I did manage to kidnap him later though. But despite all this, I was mainly just waiting for the Grim Reaper to pay me a visit for the last three or four sim weeks, because I was bored out of my mind. I guess I'm just starting to get fed up with this game, but there's still one more expansion I need to play through...

September 8th: The Sims 3 (with the World Adventures expansion). At first I was really excited: finally, something genuinely new instead of the same grinding of skills in Sunset Valley. Exploring completely new locales, raiding tombs and going on adventures sounded interesting. That is, until I found out that most of the adventures were basically just re-imagined fetch quests. Go to a tomb, push some statues around, disarm traps, bring back a treasure. Yawn. There were a couple of bugs: pathfinding was sometimes a problem and one particular adventure couldn't be completed at all. My character also didn't age during the travels. I didn't like that. He had already fulfilled his lifetime wish (level 3 visa in each country) before even turning to an adult. Therefor the endgame was pure torture waiting game. I think I'm now officially done with Sims 3 forever.

September 13th: DuckTales Remastered. Unbelievable! The minute the intro music started playing, I became teary-eyed and got a frog in my throat. This was an exceptional remake and an amazing ride down the memory lane. You could definitely tell the developers cherish the original game, from the faithful recreations of the levels, music and secrets, to the achievements (particularly, the one called "Score to Settle" really made me giggle). Everything is so great: the graphics, the animation, the music...everything! And the game was genuinely funny as well, I remember laughing on multiple occasions. The game wasn't particularly long - took me about two and a half hours - but that's alright because the original wasn't very long either. I absolutely loved this game: please please please Capcom, make remakes of other Disney classics too!

September 15th: Shadowrun Returns (The Dead Man's Switch). Wonderful. I immediately fell in love with the setting: cyberpunk in futuristic, decayed and dark Seattle. It looked awesome. Combat was very versatile and fun, and the vigilante detective story was really interesting too. I didn't mind that the game was very linear - at least it never lost momentum that way. I guess I would've liked more options for gear: there weren't many outfits and most of them looked like crap, and weapon selection was equally limited. There were maybe four or five choices per weapon class, and it was usually the best choice just to go with the one gun that had the most damage output. Cyberspace could've played a bigger part, since it was a bit underused. But anyway, other than those very minor flaws, I think it was a great game. I'm fairly sure I will buy the Berlin DLC as well once it's released.

September 17th: Game Dev Tycoon. I finished the updated Steam version. Well, as the game puts it...Could be better. It has all the right addictive elements, which explains why I finished the whole game in one day, but deep down it's quite a repetitive game. You're pushing new games on the market constantly in order to stay alive, and you can't really specialize because topic/genre combos lose effect if you keep making basically the same game every time; hence why I was pushing RPGs and strategy games with action titles mixed in on the market instead of focusing on just one genre, like most real life publishers. Even with the updated tutorial and hints, it never was very clear to me, what exactly made "a good game". A game could have hundreds of design and technology points, but still get an average of 6-7 score from the reviewers. Well, despite that, I managed to rack up about 800 million dollars and little under two million fans on the span of 35 game years. Anyway, I guess that despite the fact that the game was really just a rip-off of Kairosoft's Game Dev Story, it was an okay game, but the lack of replay value makes me not want to play it again in the future.

September 29th: Mark of the Ninja. Judged by the graphics and animation, I think this was made by the same company that did Shank. I gotta be honest: at first I really couldn't get into the game at all, and just plowed through levels, not caring whether or not I got detected etc. But once I started to pick up new moves and items, I began to enjoy the game more. The story was a little hard to follow, but the gameplay was pretty nice. A solid stealth action game.

September 30th: Rogue Legacy. Really addicting. You know those "just one more guy/turn/try" type of games? This is exactly that. I think my average play session clocked in about four hours, and the game took me about 11-12 hours (and 111 children: I think I'm not great at this) to beat. A really good game, but I'm kinda doubtful about the replayability. Going through the same castle over and over again in search of coins so I could pave way for my children, started to get a little bit less fun by the time I had two regular bosses left. But, other than that, I really liked everything about the game. It's always interesting to see what kind of child choices I get for the next run (my favorite was the Barbarian King with his huge HP bonus, preferably with the P.A.D trait). And while you go through your children, you definitely get the feel that you are getting a little bit stronger constantly. The main course, the melee combat and platforming, are also top notch. Definitely recommended for any fan of the genre.

The October list is here.
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Just completed Fly'N.
Finished Saints Row 4 and loved it one of the most fun games in ages. Stupid but it takes the piss out of so many films and games it is difficult to keep up.
Just finished the Blackwell Bundle recently. I love the story, and although the puzzles are pretty easy, I really don't mind since I'd be using a walkthrough otherwise anyways. I basically couldn't stop playing all four episodes straight through in a few days, and I can't wait for Epiphany to come out.

Speaking of which, has there been any news on that recently (other than the screenshots that came out around February)?

I enjoyed the Blackwell adventures so much that I'm going to continue trying out some of the point and clicks. Broken Sword is up next on my list. Hopefully, it'll be as enjoyable as the Blackwell series.

List of games finished is here
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Jasioar: I enjoyed the Blackwell adventures so much that I'm going to continue trying out some of the point and clicks. Broken Sword is up next on my list. Hopefully, it'll be as enjoyable as the Blackwell series.
Don't expect to complete it just as easily and also without a walkthrough. ;)

Have you tried Gemini Rue or any others published by Wadjet Eye Games?
Leroux: Gemini Rue
VERY good choice !

Broken Sword too...

Both will enjoy you a lot Jasioar :-)
I finished Omerta - City of Gangsters today and I have to say that with the latest patch it is not even half as bad as most reviews say. It might not be a masterpiece, but it is a very solid game and I had fun the whole time. Even played some multiplayer games and those were fun as well.

The DLCs might not be worth the asked money ($4.99 for a single mission is really too much), but at least Damsel in Distress and The Bulgarian Colossus were good missions as they added a new element to the gameplay (unfortunately only for a single scenario).

In my eyes this game definitely doesn't deserve all the hate it got.
16 games finished so far this year.

More info on:
Just finished Medal of Honor (2010). It isn't a great game, but neither a bad one. I enjoyed it while it lasted, though I won't replay it. To be honest: I like this kind of linearity once in a while, as it provides a lot of focus, which helps me finishing the game quickly after I started it.

Full list
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Just finished Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PC) - Single Player Campaign.

Added it to my list of finished games in 2013:
Dead Space 3. It was pretty much what I expected, which is to say, it was fun. The gameplay was fun, the addition of non-Necromoroph enemies was nice, and the weapon-crafting system was pretty awesome. If I did have any complaints, one would definitely be the hordes of enemies that attacked at some points (especially in the optional missions). While the previous games had moments where many enemies would attack at once, they weren't as annoying. I don't know if it was the placement of the vents or just the sheer number of enemies, but I often found myself backed into a corner with little breathing room. Still, it was a fun game, and a definite replay.
Finished Stronghold HD, both the military and economic campaigns. I'd have to say that has become one of my favorite strategy games. It's incredibly relaxing to build up your castle and attempt to make a functioning economy, although some of the more combat-focused missions can be frustrating. The whole feel of the game is exquisite, I quite liked the isometric graphics and the fact that you can see what each person in your castle is doing is a fantastic touch. You can see them making the bows, brewing the beer, taking the wheat to the storage area. Everything has to be taken to its appropriate area, it doesn't just magically appear in your inventory. This all combines to help immerse you in the period of the game.

So far:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault (Base)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
World in Conflict: Compelte
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Medal of Honor: Airborne
System Shock 2
Mass Effect 1
Mirror's Edge
Mass Effect 2
N v2.0
Mass Effect 3
Stronghold HD
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