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Crysis 2 Maximum Edition. It was a blast. I don't have any major complaints. I'm not sure I really understand the story (or what on Earth happened at the end of the game), but it served as an acceptable motivation to play through the game. I liked the way the powers worked, too. I didn't have a problem with them in Crysis or Crysis Warhead, but sometimes it was hard to string together a cool combo of the different suit powers because switching powers wasn't that easy to do on the fly. In Crysis 2, you can use several powers in conjunction, and it makes for some pretty cool moments.
I finished a playthrough (going from 1066-1453) of Crusader Kings 2 yesterday, with the d'Anjou-family. Had a score of 80K+ in the end, as my last two rulers were emperors of both Francia and Hispania, and kings of France and England (and some other kingdoms which I mostly gave away to vassals, like Bohemia, Italy, Lotharingia, Bavaria). If my backlog wasn't that huge, I'd immediately go back and start another game, maybe as a republic this time. I also reloaded a few times, as I had achieved already enough (forming Francia, gaining Hispania, rebuilding England after I destroyed the crown during a succession war...). It's a fantastic game. If you have it and haven't played it yet, you really should.

Well, now this is done for a while (I will definitely return to it), I can continue cleaning my backlog, a very long task...

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JMich: 22/08/2013: Assassin's Creed: Revelations: More AC goodness, though this did seem to drag on a bit more. And it ended on a cliffhanger (again). Now to see if ACIII is as bad as they say.

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Roberttitus: Its not so much that ACIII is bad, as it is the fact that Desmond's Ending is beyond horrible & that you could make a cardboard cutout of Ezio & it would still have more personality than Connor. As far as the technical aspects of the game, it is actually pretty good. I do find the chain kills far more satisfying (READ: Easier) in Brotherhood & Revelations & I find the hidden blades to be damn near worthless in this one... other than that though, the combat is pretty good by comparison.
I had some real problems with ACIII, this coming from someone who flat-out LOVED ACII...
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a cyberpunk dungeon crawler.
It reminds me of the old Shadowrun on consoles...only without any real story behind and pure fighting.
3 difficult level to chose, 4 characters to chose, one for ranged, one for close weapons, a mage and a decker.
Each of them with his/her own difficult level. I played the ranged fighter ;-)
At some points with your decker you can enter computers to help you in your quest.
At the start of the game you stand on a street, your base, with quest giver, medic, weaponshop, someone you
can loan money, your pilot a whore and a beggar. Looks like the game is somewhat unfinished, because
you can get hints of a plot around the whore and the loan shark but there is nothing.
Well, first you only have the main quest giver. After you finished the first test quests another one comes to
your street. He only gives quests around kill someone, free him or find an item that only gives you the opportunity
for gaining money and exp. and finding equipment and raising your reputation (with more rep you get better paid
quests from him and can get higher loans).
Equipment....everything is about equipment. You don't wear body armor, no you exchange body parts (eyes, brain,
arms, legs and 3 internal organs). Each can raise your skills or stats.
With each lvl you gain 3 stat and some skill points. Hell it takes ages of grinding to get enough points.
And if you don't like grinding, well there is a simple way for getting unlimited money.
The doc sells skill cards if you have enough money that is.
And believe me, thats no fun, cause the dungeons are mostly the same (a room with some monsters, maybe a few
chests and a door to the next room or the stair to the next level).
The main quest, well it only contains a handful dungeons and than the game is over and starts again (with your
leveled up char).
Finding new (better equipment) is a motivation do abort the mission and redoing it (only losing some rep and you
can do it anytime).
Only the last dungeons comes with different and better enemies (still the KI is missing, most times you stand
near the doorframe to kill them).
Oh, and don't forget to save...and than go into your directory and copy that save, because sometimes the
game erases an unfinished quest and you are stuck.
All in all a simple game with very few highlights. The best are the explosions and the music. But it was fun playing it.
Just finished Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) on the PS2.
Definitely one of the best action RPGs I've played. A great, albeit tragic story (that's actually a prequel to the original Dark Cloud), awesome visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and a world filled with things to do. Took me just under 80 hours. Being able to play Spheda (golf) for medals and prizes in dungeons after clearing them of enemies is an absolutely brilliant idea.
This is my third Level 5 Inc. game, and they've all been excellent.
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14/09/2013: Unepic: Great little gem, though it did become frustrating from Medeox onwards (melee build etc).

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A Vampyre story today. Quite nice game. I am not big fan of adventures but this was good. Bit illogical and clumsy sometimes but nothing ubearable. Shame it ended in cliffhanger and there probably won't ever be conclusion. It has very nice visuals and voice acting is not bad too. On the other hand a lot of jokes I kinda cheesy. It's not too hard but it's neither too easy and one problem was plain unsolvable for us and we had to look for walkthrough. 7/10

I went throught Arkham Asylum again and completed it 3 days ago. It's third time I finished story but first time I got 100% completion. Still good game but Arkham City is better in almost every aspect. 8.5/10

I also completed Sanitarium sometime in August but I forgot to post it here. It is good game. I liked it more than Vampyre Story but not by much. The story is nice and overall setting is really interesting. Most of puzzles are logical, which is big plus for me. We only had to look into walkthrough once and even sound riddle was manageable although I am usually very bad in these.
We encountered several bugs and had to reinstall it to get past one point of game, but it was certainly playable.
We also had to use czech translation, as my girlfriend is not good in english, and it was more than awful. Sentences making no sense, added swearing just for kicks and no attention for context.
Overall it deserves 7.5/10 .

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Finished Stargunner. Completed the first 2 episodes before I realized that you can save anytime in the game, not just during the shop screen. =\ Ah well. Actually a lot more fun than I remembered, thanks GOG for making a nice Mac version as well!
Just finished Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.

Good gameplay, but very lazy writing. Everything is so "ooh deep and vague". David Lynch would get a pretentious-boner over this game if he played it.

I hope the second game makes sense of it all.
Just finished the campaign game of "Carrier command: Gaea mission". 54 hours, of which 5 just on the final mission ( had to retry it several times ) The game is still heavily bugged and crashes a lot. 1 year after release, this in unacceptable. The gameplay is a weird mix, but I enjoyed it... until that last mission that I disliked alot ( The manta chase at the end is pure console gameplay, the finale is uninteresting )
I've finished quite a bunch of games this weekend.
Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift and Half-Life: Opposing Force.
Finished Sly 3 again. Not really tempted to do the Master Thief challenges just to get the trophies, I much preferred searching for more bottles in 1 & 2, instead of having to do dumb speed runs.
I've beaten The Last of Us a few hours ago. The reviews may be overrated, but only a bit: it was a fantastic game. Good story (with enough surprises, not always big, but still: surprises), some heartwarming moments, some sad moments... The graphics were also nicely done, as was the gameplay. If you have a playstation 3, play it.

It was my first Playstation game (ordered it together with the console), and so far the best. I wonder whether it will stay that way or not.

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Finished Borderlands 2 first DLC : Captain Scarlett and her pirate's booty

Not bad at all, Scarlett is quite funny, Shade is quite creepy and there are lots of new enemies, stuff and hidden stuff. So, while being without any real imagination, the deal is respected: I enjoyed this DLC.

Now on the Mr Torgue's DLC ! ;)

So far in 2012 :
Just finished Organ Trail: Director's Cut. Even on Easy, I found it incredibly stressful D: