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PaterAlf: Neighbours from Hell 1+2
The games are childish, silly and there is lots of infantile humour. I absolutely love them!

I liked the second one even better than the first one, because they removed the time limit and there was more variety in the pranks you play.
There is one extra level not included in full game in NfH 2 demo ;) -
triock: There is one extra level not included in full game in NfH 2 demo ;) -
Good to know, will download it. Thank you!
Daedalus1138: Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe. What can I say? It's a solid first person/third person tactical-type game set in World War II. It's fun, occasionally frustrating, and free. It's held a place in my list of games that evoke the most nostalgia, and this playthrough hasn't done anything to warrant my removing it. It isn't for everyone, but, I mean come on, it's free.
I don't care about the WW II setting but i just installed this game yesterday to try it - as you said it's free so i thought "why not?" :)
Deadspace 3

Fantastic game in coop. Its less of a survival horror game now and more of an action shooter in a horror setting but the game was very fun to go through. Enemys and areas were varied. The game lasts a decent amount of time taking me just over 20 hours to complete.

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse: Episode 1 - Enjoyed this 1st Episode of the game a lot. A solid adventure with a fitting mystery story. Looking forward to continuing the adventure in the 2nd episode!

Two Worlds Two - Solid rpg with some interesting systems, like the magic system. Storywise, not the greatest, but ok. Might be better to those that played the 1st Two Worlds game though. Despite it's obvious flaws, I had a lot of fun with it, so I would recommend it to those that like rpgs and are not looking for a masterpiece.

Complete list:
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Finished Mass Effect, moved on to Mass Effect 2. Always a bit awkward to play a sequel directly after getting accustomed to the predecessor. More of the same, yet everything different, and at least at first glance not all to my liking ...
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Just finished Steam World Dig. Kind of short and not very challenging but somewhat fune :)

Randomly picked this one up in the steam sale having never heard of it before. Very cool little puzzle game that is really confusing to start with until you start getting to grips with it.
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Great graphics, muisc & gameplay, but frustratingly hard. After about 3/4 of the way through, I could only stand to play a couple levels at a time. And the final boss.... stupidly hard at the end of a very annoying level. If I had given up after only a couple hours of trying, I don't know if I would've ever come back knowing that I'd have to clear the level before getting to the boss again...
Return to Mysterious Island (8th december 2:41am)

My score was 271. Interesting game overall apart from the ending. Great looking and atmosphere. Love Jep. I recommend it. However some of the mixs are weird. I had 6 un complete mixes

PS thanks again Daniel_M for gift me it
OK, time to catch up.
I finished 5 games since my last post here.

First of all I finished Alien Shooter Revisited. It's not bad game but I liked the Zombie Shooter more. In this one I wasn't thrilled by infinite spawning, aliens appearing out of nowhere and increasing strength of aliens by just changing their color.
5.5/10 but can be relaxing sometimes.

With my girlfriend we completed Rayman Origins some time ago (100% completion). It is excellent game I totally loved to play it co-op. It looks great and cute, has great music and sounds (I often listen to its crazy soundtrack and I am not soundtrack person at all) and I had fun almost constantly when I played it.
I like it more than all previous Rayman games I played (1 and 2) and would recommend it to anyone who looks for co-op fun.
It deserves 9.5/10 easily. (Let's say that the 0.5 down is for problems with keyboard where I had to rebind to less friendly keys to get better response.)

Around the same time as Rayman I completed Battle Realms and its expansion Winter of Wolf. It is quite average game. I was looking forward to it as its concept looked like fun but it doesn't really deliver. The graphics are not bad, but considering it was released around similar time as Warcraft 3 then mainly characters are quite lacking compared to it. The game is incredibly zoomed-in with very limited FOV (whoever thought it is good idea should be shot) and it is really hard to give proper orders and click the right unit in battle. Also to call-off injured units from combat is obnoxiously hard and they are really stupid and not listening to orders and that all is something I hate in games where you have units who are not allowed to die.
Yet the game is quite interesting, with nice setting and the unit recruiting mechanics are interesting.
Then there is its expansion, featuring most interesting clan to play, but it is just plain horrible. It's one of the worst expansion that I have ever played. Whoever thought that putting very simplistic and stupid puzzle elements into real-time strategy was probably out of his mind. Story is quite dumb, level design is bad and makes absolutely no sense at all,scripting is done horribly and it's just overall nonsensical. Adding feeble digger unit who only speaks gibberish for some reason, can dig underground and is only useful in about 4 situation in 3 mission throughout whole expansion, into melee and strength oriented clan only shows how wrong this expansion is. Then there are also forcefields blocking tunnels or whole parts of world. In most games there is nothing wrong with forcefields but for some reason I don't feel they belong into game set in medieval fantasy Japan. o_O
Sure they tried to explain it with magic (it's always answer) but 1. they don't look like made by magic and 2. magical field shouldn't be shut down by lever or button.
The basic game deserves 6/10, maybe 6.5, but the expansion deserves 2/10 at best but probably less and I am only nice to it.

I also stopped playing Rogue Legacy recently. It is not completed but I don't intend to play it anymore. I got into New Game +2 but I was dying too much there and was not having fun anymore so I see no reason to continue. I would only frustrate me and ruin my experience with game.
Overall the game was fun and I enjoyed. The legacy element is good, traits are fun and interesting (although some are unplayable:-)) and the gameplay is quite entertaining. It frustrated me sometiimes (it's roguelike afterall) but most of time in good way and most deaths led me to trying again instead of quitting.
I am not too good in platformers where you have to kill enemies, dodge projectiles and avoid spikes at one time, so it is not exactly game for me but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I would probably enjoy it even more if I was good at it, but still it was enough for me to enjoy it properly.
What I would like is more varied music. (and better way to open closing platforms :-))
I rate it 8/10 and advice you to get it if you are interested in this genre. It delivers what it promises.
Also I would like to point out that I bought it on basis "Judas plays RL" video so job well done there, Judas. ;-)

Most recent is Disciples 2 today. I completed all campaigns, including short expansion campaigns and Rise of Elves as well. I started the game many years ago (maybe 9) and I finally got through it. The game is quite fun, I love how t is drawn (although I am not fan BFS trope present here prominently) and the unit promotions is cool thing, but the game is also incredibly slow and begins to be repetitive fast. There is a lot of annoying and slow things that could make it much more enjoyable experience.
This way it's quite average TBS which starts to bore pretty fast. I know ton of better TBS and would recommend them over this one easily.
Deserves 6/10 at best.

Full list.
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I've finished what will certainly be my last game of 2013, since I'm going back home for Christmas and New Year for a few weeks and won't have access to my games (except if I manage to finish a 3DS game) : Lego: Harry Potter years 1-4

After the huge surprise and great game that was Lego: The Lord of the Rings and the huge letdown that was Lego: Batman, I was a little wary to try this one. But since it had been on sales during last Steam sales, I though "why not?" and, oh boy, was i right to try it!!

Minus the fact that there is no voiceover and that sometimes there is some strange lag and some maniability problems (the jumps in the platform moments), that game is brilliant and really makes me want to play more and unlock the unlockables, like Lego: LOTR did to me!! :D

A great way to finish the year, gamewise!

So far in 2013:
Max Payne. This is another relatively old game that has held up surprisingly well. Sure, the graphics are a little rough around the edges (and were at the time the game was released, from what I understand), but they work incredibly well by adding to the atmosphere. The graphic novels are still awesome to view, though I wish they had used human actors all the time, especially with Max. It's a little jarring to see Sam Lake in costume in one panel, and then the in-game model in the next. Still, they are incredible, and they are helped by excellent voice work. Seriously, it's surprising how many of the actors have done so little. As for the gameplay, I mean, come on, what's there to say. The controls are tight and responsive, and, for the most part, the game isn't hampered by camera problems, as is the case with many third person shooters. If I had one complaint about the gameplay, it would be the inconsistencies with gun damage. I'm sure weapon accuracy factors in, but sometimes it's hard to tell just how much damage an enemy (and even Max) can take before he dies.

But it doesn't really matter, it is still a great game, and I'm currently playing through Max Payne 2.
Finished Organ Trail: Director's Cut and I really enjoyed it. I died halfway-through on my first try and restarted on easy but I think I could have managed on normal difficulty.

So far this year:
- Alone in the Dark 3
- Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes
- Blackwell Convergence
- Blackwell Deception
- Blackwell Unbound
- Broken Sword 3
- Brutal Legend
- Cognition Episode 1
- Colonization
- Deadlight
- Dear Esther
- DLC Quest + Live Freemium or Die
- DuckTales Remastered
- Far Cry 3
- Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
- Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity
- Hotline Miami
- I Am Alive
- Karateka
- Law & Order Legacies
- Lucy & Lola's Big Adventure
- Mark of the Ninja
- Nelly Cootalot
- Offspring Fling
- Organ Tail: Director's Cut
- Portal 2
- Prey
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- Splinter Cell: Conviction
- Stacking
- Syndicate
- The Blackwell Legacy
- The Cave
- The Darkness II
- The Experiment (Experience 112)
- The Walking Dead: 400 Days
- The Wolf Among Us (Ep 1)
- Trine 2: Complete Story
- Zombie Driver HD
Max Payne 2. I love the first game, but the second is just better in almost every way. The gameplay is funner, the story is better, the graphic novels are slightly better, and it has ragdoll physics. I mean, ragdoll physics can turn out pretty bad (Thief: Deadly Shadows and Deus Ex Invisible War), but they just work incredibly well in this game. My only major gripe with this game is that I've found that it is much easier to block your own view when shoot-dodging, particularly in close quarters. While not always a problem, it is frustrating when it is.