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14. Host Master and the Conquest of Humor- PC; 3/26/2013 4/10- Took me maybe 20 minutes to beat & simply wasn't all that challenging or funny. I realize that it is a free web game... but considering that it was made by Tim Schafer I was expecting it to be at least a little bit better.

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Finished the new Tom Raider
Finished two little flash games yesterday:
- Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
- Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity

Fun little games. Short but a bit funny I thought.
Just finished Deadlight. Man, what a game! Okay, it's only 4 hours long (at least in the normal mode, haven't tried the nightmare mode nor the ranked game), but that's just perfect for that game!

I'm not usually big on zombies games, but that one caught me right from the beginning. A side-view platformer/shooter/enigmas games with lots of tricks and exactly the right amount of difficulty to be not easy while not beaing frustrating. There's always a way to continue to progress in the game, you have to use your wits, and that's nice.

And the scenario, well, I can't say a thing about th scenario, since it would ruin everything, but believe me, Deadlight is a well-written game! I'm happy to have found this nice little gem!

So far in 2013 :
Millennium: A New Hope

There's a good game at the core, but it's covered by way too much padding. Took me over 16 hours to complete without spending too much time on sidequests (many of which are now uncompletable because you have to do certain actions at certain points of the plot, and only way to know that is to use a walkthrough), but it feels like they took 1/4 of a full game (it is actually the first of 5 episodes) and stretched it by making every single dungeon area WAY too big. And there's no in-game map, no fast travel, and an incredible amount of backtracking, especially if you want to do the side quests. Without the presence of the (optional) "guiding main quest arrows" I probably would've dropped the game in the first 5 hours. At least the dungeons connecting different areas of the world map can be skipped after the first completion, but that's not enough.
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I completed the main campaign of Total War: Shogun 2 yesterday, in the year 1590 with the Chokosabe clan. As you hopefully all know, it's a very good game.

And since I last posted I also completed the first act of Kentucky Route Zero. Somehow, this game has a very good feeling. I'm eagerly awaiting the second act.
Heh - I just finished Teen Agent
I wasn't sure what to expect after hearing stories of people demanding it be removed from their shelves and all but I found it to be a charming little point and clicker with a pleasant sense of humor
I did give in and had to go to the walkthrough quite a lot as it was short on hints, some of the solutions were pretty obscure and err.. I suck!
But It's impossible to die or get into an unwinable situation in it which makes it better than anything Sierra ever made IMHO, to begin with

Anyway complete list here:
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Managed to beat two games this week:

Need for Speed: The Run
Not really fond of the Autolog bs or direction Burnout guys are taking this franchise. Anyway this was pretty enjoyable, especially the levels where there is tons of traffic. Story could have been so great. Cannonball Run?! It ended up being just moronic. I usually turn off the music straight away if its licensed crap like this. In the end music was actually a positive thing as well. Mastodon \m/

Recently bought the soundtrack for this. Was also suspecting that I never properly finished this. Well it seems I had only made it to level 5. Also pretty sure I played with m/kb before. With 360 controller game was more enjoyable. Also, the music! I am usually a metal dude, but this soundtrack is just amazing.
I just managed to beat Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.
Hitman 1 was good, but flawed. There were many great ideas in there, but not everything fit together perfectly. Hitman 2 takes most of what worked from Hitman 1, and gets rid of most that did not work. There are still a few rough edges, but overall this is how sequels are supposed to be done! Hitman 2 is a really good stealth-action game, and while it might not reach the levels of Thief 1-3, it still beats most other stealth games out there.
Spent pretty much all day playing right through LucusGames classic 'The Dig' yeah it can be slow and some of the backtracking can get annoying but the alien world and technology is inventive, captivating and immersive, if you let it be!
Full list here:
1000 amps

Only 97% completion, but I beat the boss so I'll consider that game finished. Fun puzzle platformer with a bit of metroidvania. Wish the map was easier to read though.

iBomber Defense: Pacific

Unlocking perks and turret upgrades pushed this tower defense game into "above average" status, but still nothing truly special.
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Just finished Star Trek: Elite Force II
What can I say...just an excellent shooter over all. Best use of the Q3 (Team Arena) engine I've ever seen. This was my second playthough. The first being at least 4 years ago. This time I found 63 golden ships, unlocking 6/7 secret maps. The Elite Force series fucking rocks!
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15. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune- PS3; 3/30/2013 7/10- This is one of those games that I don't necessarily enjoy as most people seem to, but I can realize why it is so highly regarded. I re-bought the game simply because I was so disappointed by Tomb Raider & I wanted to see if this game was as much better than it as I remember. It was on par in terms of gameplay & that is pretty telling if you think about it. This game was released on November 19, 2007... whereas Tomb Raider was released on 5 March 2013. Tomb Raider's gameplay is only ON-PAR with a game released 5+ years ago. As far as story... not even a contest. One thing that I have always been able to appreciate about the Uncharted games (whereas I am not a huge fan of their gameplay) is the storytelling. The last (& only other time) I beat this game was in 2010 & I STILL remembered just about every character in this game (including the ones, such as Eddie, who don't appear in the series again) & several of the plot points (which is amazing, considering I honestly couldn't tell you what I ate for dinner 2 nights ago).

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Just finished 10.000.000

Funny little puzzle game, where the goal is to score 10.000.000 points to be freed from the dungeon, hence the name. Took me a little more than 8 hours, which is not bad for a puzzle game.

Graphics are awful, but in the good "old-school" way of awful, so it was not a turn-off. The game mechanisms are interesting and clever and you do have to think before your next move, which is not easy since your time goes down fast when monsters hit you.

Picked it up during the indie games sales on Steam, don't regret it a bit.

So far in 2013 :
Defender's Quest standard game finished with all the gold stars and Bonus challenges, I'll wait a bit to start Game+