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mrking58: Da New Guys (23rd march 7:13pm)

A great point and click game about wrestling. I love brain and simon together
If you finished Day of the Jackass, are you aware that it's a sequel to a freeware title?

Anyway, I just finished Dawning. An OK though extremely short horror title with good atmosphere but the repeated one-trick scare stops being scary very quickly. The "good" ending requires patience and luck to locate all the hidden items.

And now Celestial Mechanica. 2 hours and 447 deaths according to in-game stats >_<. This is a game I found while digging through my old groupees bundles, and I actually didn't know whether it was a game or a bundle (hard to tell on the groupees profile with drm free games.) Turns out it was a game, and not a bad short metroidvania / spikefest either.
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24/03/2013: Sleeping Dogs - Nightmare in North Point: More of a long mission than a proper game, but still more or less same fun as the main game. Not sure if it's worth the normal price, I'd suggest getting it on a discount.

Full list here
BGT started that late 2012 and finally finished it in 2013 I forget what day lol

System Shock 2

Deus Ex goty

I had a blast with all these games :)
I just finished Halflife 2 last night. I've had the game for years but I have so many games that I never seem to finish any of them.
Just finished King of Dragon Pass. Fantastic little gem. Peace Clan, elderly queen, it was a close run.
I miss the old thread :). Anyways, i just finished SpecOps The Line few months ago; awesome storyline and i like all its endings.
After staring at in in my backlog for more than twelve years, and finding various reasons to play lesser games before it year after year (for example, Daikatana, Messiah, Project IGI, Contract JACK) I finally played and finished the original Deus Ex. I modded it with high res textures and Enhanced/Shifter and beat it three times in succession, starting from the middle difficulty and finishing with the highest. As countless folks have (rightly) sung the game's praises, I don't really need to say that it's a great game, and obviously, since I beat it three times in a row, I enjoyed the heck out of it.

But, as good as it was, by the third playthrough I found myself lamenting the excessive easiness of the game even on Realistic. If I could afford not to return to my immense backlog, I might play it a fourth time forcing myself not to use health packs or take the regeneration perk, just to see if that injects some risk/suspense back into the game. Also, the AI is really shitty, although in fairness AI programming in FPS games is apparently not much better today than it was when Deus Ex was first released, as evidenced by the fact that (with rare exceptions) reviewers frequently beat up on even modern triple-A releases for terribad AI in the FPS genre.

I loved the fact that there were no phony-hard "bosses" shoehorned into the game. Also whoever did the high-rez textures for the game did awesome work.

Anyway, great game, not sure if it's really the Greatest of All Time (tm) as some have argued but it's certainly in my top fifteen on PC.
Wallace & Gromit Episode 3: Muzzled! (24th March 6:18pm)

gameplay sucks but I do love Wallace & Gromit
mrking58: Wallace & Gromit Episode 3: Muzzled! (24th March 6:18pm)

gameplay sucks but I do love Wallace & Gromit
That is actually my favorite adventure game of all time. To each there own I guess =)
Finished Tomb Raider 2013 yesterday. Best game I've played in a very long time.
Finished GTA III (Storyline, not 100%, don't bother).
Crysis 2 in January and Far Cry 3 last month. I'm currently sneaking through Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I always find time for a little FIFA as well, but that game can never truly be finished.

Just finished DE:HR, now I'm finally playing the first Bioshock. My wife told me she's proud of me for actually finishing three games in a row. I almost never finished anything before I move on.
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Assassin's Creed III - 100% completion
Hitman Absolution
Fallen Enchantress
Jagged Alliance: Back In Action
Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete
Codename Panzers Cold War
Alpha Centauri
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Currently playing: Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes Beta and The Guild 2 - Pirates of the European Seas

Games I Anticipate Playing When Released: Thief, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Witcher 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist

I play about 200 hours of games/month and usually run 2-4 games at a time to avoid burnout.

Remember folks, work hard but play harder!
doc_rock2: Assassin's Creed III - 100% completion
Did you hate yourself as much as I did for doing it?
Wallace & Gromit's Episode 4: The Bogey Man (26th March 9:16pm)

I think it was the best one but I still don't think think the series was any good. I was thinking about playing the Back to the Future one after this but I will wait a few months before touch that