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I updated [url= ]my list [/url]with 2 new games completed:

2-26 Richard & Alice - Overall, this is a pretty good adventure game. I thought the story was really interesting, and I was very surprised to learn that there were multiple endings depending on how you played the game. However, the graphics aren't great, and the puzzles are very simple and not challenging at all. I'll definitely play it again someday to experience the different endings.

3-10 The Unfinished Swan - I really enjoyed this game. Exploring each of the different areas in the game and learning each of the new game mechanics (especially the paint throwing) was really fun. It also had a fairy tale like story to go along with the game that I enjoyed.
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Just finished Alpha Protocol, one of the most under-rated games ever made.

Full list here.
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100% trial & error, not much of a game. Most of the successes and errors are pretty amusing though. Still wish I'd waited for a bundle instead of buying it for $2.50.
Sound Shapes, awesome little platformer. I had a lot of fun with it. Some of the death levels were tough but I still finished it fairly quickly. Wish it was a bit longer.
diablo 2 hammerdin class - Didnt know about the hammerdin till recently and thought id try it, Diablo on easymode for sure, didnt bother going through the hell and nightmare difficulties
Sleeping dogs finished and it took about 32 hours. Pretty good open world game with a nice fighting system. It has a decent story and nice side missions. The only minor issue is that most missions are either too easy or too hard - there never seem to be a happy medium there. But all in all a great game that I recommend.
just finished Grim Fandango.
megarock58: just finished Grim Fandango.
You sir deserve a plus one xD
finished Escape Goat yesterday and loved it!
King's Quest 7
Nice graphics for a 1994 game, too bad it didn't have subtitles. Although having less deaths during the first chapters, in chapter 4 almost every action is a death.
Avernum 6, entirely by accident.
Finished Broken Sword 4

Hated the game mechanics. As well as the plentyfull timed sneak past guard and climb around tasks, which seem to take over a majority of the game. Too bad they didn't make it a traditional p&c like the 1st, 'cause the story and the puzzles were alright and I kept feeling like this could have been a very nice game if they had done that. The way it is I wouldn't recommend the game.

Complete list:
Puzzlebots (16th March 4:20)

I would recommend this game, nice puzzle interesting puzzles and nice plot (if a little wacky).
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Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Finished the first playthough, but I'll stick with it till I get 3 stars on all scenarios and then try newgame+ :)

Fun and addictive tower defense / RPG hybrid. It does seem strange to grind in a tower defense game.

Edit: finished newgame+. Significantly harder, some missions could even get a single gold star much less all three.
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Finished Splinter Cell Conviction. It was fun but one could easily see that they had trouble choosing how to do the game. The wanted more action while still allowing people to go the stealth way... but that way was way too difficult (and most of the time, I had trouble seeing how to go silent).

This year :
- Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes
- I Am Alive
- Splinter Cell: Conviction
- Syndicate
- The Blackwell Legacy
- The Cave
- The Darkness II
- The Experiment (Experience 112)