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10. Assassin's Creed II- 360; 3/5/2013 8/10- This makes the 3rd time that I have beaten the game now (I actually have an old file that I never finished that was on the next to last sequence, so you could say this s my fourth playthrough of the game).... that being said it is both an amazing feat that I have finished it that many times now & a sad fact that my original love for it is wearing off. While the story & locals are amazing (the best in the series if you ask me), its gameplay is starting to show a bit of age. While I was perfectly happy with the gameplay as early as last year, some things really annoyed me while playing it this time around (& to be fair, they are not necessarily the fault of the game so much as they are a reflection on how the series has progressed since then). The first & most noticeable problem is the lack of the kill streak mechanic introduced in Brotherhood... for some reason I was not so bothered by this on last year's playthrough (perhaps because I had only beaten Brotherhood & Revelations once a piece at that point) but it just felt incredibly limiting & made fights go on much longer than I felt they should have. Another complaint is how the counter system works (which makes me a bit fearful to play the other 2 Ezio games now)... while I am not a fan of ACIII's story & protagonist, I will admit that the gameplay was fluid & intuitive. You do not have to stand in a defensive state to counter like in ACII.... you just hit a button at the right time (even in the middle of an attack) & you counter... it makes the system in ACII feel primitive by comparison. Speaking of primitive... the lack of the tree running mechanics in this game (& I mean the mechanics themselves not the actual act of tree running) was a glaring problem for me. I would be running on beams, hit an upright beam & just stand there instead of running around it. It really slowed down the pace of the game & on a few occasions made it so I would have to backtrack quite a bit to find the path the game wanted me to take.... all because Ezio couldn't just step around the damn thing. Like I said previously.... these are not flaws with the game itself... if anything it just shows how the series has evolved over time. They in no way BROKE the game for me & I was still able to get enjoyment out of it (hence the 8 rating I assigned it) but it really isn't as great as it once was all things considered.

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Mass Effect 3. I'm serious, I wish this game wasn't so fun. I want to play it again. I don't really have many other games that I must play, so that's not why I dislike the fact that I love the game so much. No, it's because I have two Mass Effect 2 characters I still want to import into ME 3 and another that I have already finished ME 3 with but I want to play it with him again. Why? Because I want to romance a different character this time.

What is wrong with me?
Finished Syberia

Wasn't impressed with it at first and actually stopped playing it for a while. Kept wondering why everyone seemed to like it so much, so I gave it another shot and whoa, this game grows on you! Technically it's nothing special and has a few of those typical annoying features, many adventures have ( for me it was the slow stairwalking), but nothing major. However, the game has a great story and atmosphere, the characters evolve nicely with the storyline and the scenery is quite unique and charming. Overall a game that I would recommend to anyone that likes the genre and is patient enough to stick with it until the story picks up.

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I finished three games since my last update

Crusader: No Regret - A lot of fun, really glad GOG got me to try these games. The controls could be a little better but I had a good time with it. (finished No Remorse last year)

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires - I've beaten this four times and gotten most of the endings. The Musou games were getting stale for me with the yearly releases but they really are fun after avoiding them for a while. There's just something about taking on an army's worth of soldiers out by myself. XD

Spec Ops: The Line - The game play and shooting mechanics were really nothing special (well done enough to be fun for the 6-7 hour campaign though) but the story was great.

Nice action/platformer/rpg, innovative "sword crafting", wish there was a bit more enemy variety. ' Randomized dungeons would have been great too.

But damn those Manticores hurt...


Fun alien shooter-style action for a while, great cutscenes, but when all is said and done, there's just not a lot to the gameplay.
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Finished Syndicate, the first one. A really great games that could have received a better AI and pathfinding as well as some more variety in the missions.

So far this year:
- Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes
- I Am Alive
- Syndicate
- The Blackwell Legacy
- The Cave
- The Darkness II
- The Experiment (Experience 112)
Halo 4

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

That's it so far :)
I finished Warlords Battlecry yesterday. I completed Path of Light campaign first as druid and then the Path of Darkness as barbarian. It was meh game. I think it aged quite badly and it was too frustrating very often. It is very easy to lose important character (main hero or some story-essential characters). They can be killed one shot by some enemy spells and they love to run into battles carelessly. If you lose them you have to go through 7 screens before you are allowed to reload. It was usually also too hectic and to take care of units was full-time job. The game is also quite buggy. It crashed sometimes, several time it started without cursor and I had to kill it through windows to restart it with one, often voices were lost when I reloaded or Alt+Tabbed the game and once it refused to run campaign again and I was forced to reinstall to get it working. Also I wasn never able to make grouping keys work, and so I had to manage my soldiers only by mouse, but it's maybe not games fault, only mine.
Also I dislike the need to hunt some hidden peasant to complete level. It happend to me even in last mission and it's quite anti-climatic. I built glorious army and roll over three enemy bases at once and then I was forced to spend 10 minutes, looking for some unit hidden somewhere and doing nothing.
Units are nice and I like the undead mechanics of building troops most interesting, but for so many races, they were often really similar, sometimes even identical.
Leveling of units is good thing, but I rarely had option to actually care for leveled units, other than my retinue.
Items are good idae as well.
The best part of the game is story, which is quite good and enjoyed it. It's quite well told and I can imagine that if it was done in present day, it would be full of cinematic sequences and touted as touching and full of emotions. :-)

Overall it was more painful than enjoyable experience and only good story made me to finish it. I would rate it 5.5/10.

Full list.
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11. Deathspank: The Baconing- PS3; 3/8/2013 7/10- I bought this game immediately after finishing TOV... & it took me this long to give enough of a damn to finish it. The locals are certainly the best in the series (minus perhaps the Enchanted Forest from the first game), but it suffers from many of the same flaws that the second game does. The story is okay at best & never once did anything to really bring a smile to my face. The plus side is (that while there are still more than I would have liked), the number of fetch quest were cut in exchange for a few more varied quests (such as the arena). It is alright for what it is I guess, but the first game still was the best in my eyes.

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Post Mortem Igood to great story but pick out items is a pain (6 or 7 A4 pieces of paper is a lot)
Finished Syberia 2

Had great fun with it! It's pretty much the same as Syberia 1 in most aspects, without the slow start. I would definately recommend it to anyone that liked the first.

Complete list:

Very fun game, though the minigame to unlock the best gear seemed WAY too much bother and grinding, so I just ignored it. I did take a 1.5 year or so break because the second-to-last dungeon's boss frustrated me too much, but came back yesterday and got it on 4th try. Final boss took a few tries as well till I learned the patter and figured out the right gear to use (and that you can change the gear during the battle, instead of before entering the dungeon!)
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28/2/2013 Final Fantasy VI Advance

First of all, let me start that beating this game proved wrong anyone who said that mobile phone is not fit for any gaming
other than casual one. I played almost 30h and everything was perfectly fine. (Ingame clock doesn't represent real time as I fast forwarded through a bit of the game. Also I got myself killed quite a few times)
***Achtung! Mild spoilers ahead!***
I can now clearly see why do some people consider it best game in FF series. VII is still better to me, but tastes differ. I really miss FMV sequences that VII has. Setting is standard JRPG one, but story are good, and well developed. I actually caught myself replaying portions of the game so no one gets left behind. Didn't have too much trouble as I overgrinded few times and as game has no scaling system I managed to fast forward through quite a few bosses. Dinos in Jurassic Park caused me more problems than most bosses. :D There are few issues with the game though, and some of them annoyed me more then others.
#1 Whoever came up with the bright idea that map is next to useless in 2nd part of the game should be shot on sight. I had no effing clue where am I going or what am I supposed to do. I ended up checking online map and walkhtroughs for details where am I supposed to go next. Including some sort of larger map with places names would be much better.
#2 Lack of scaling system, and ease of overgrinding. I overgrinded early in the game as I was getting my rear kicked and it ended up with using only healing magic for 3/4 of the game, and rest was mostly (overpowered) Ultima as it was practical to use it, even though I learnt all magics available.
#3 Why didn't they force me to rotate characters during game? Every time I needed more than one party, and especially when I needed 3 near the end I ended up looking at the screen in despair. Near the end I was forced to grind 8 characters for 20 levels so they can learn all healing magic and Ultima so they don't get their behinds kicked. It took me ~2 hours, AND IT WAS AT x4 FAST FORWARD. I can imagine the horror if I had to actually do it at real speed.
#4 How about some actual magic resistance. Casting instant-death that works in last part of the game pissed me off to no ends. If it stopped working for me 15 hours ago, why does it still work on me?
Also, I had problem with GFX corruption once it switched into quasi-3D, but I doubt this is design fault, more likely broken ROM or not 100% compatible emulator.
I managed to beat final boss from 1st try, with only 1 party member down, and he was knocked out by sudden-effing-death.
Cliffhanger at the end of the game that (according to intewebz) never got resolved is quite annoying too. Probably left for your own imagination though.
Should you play it? Yes! Go for it! Now! You just want to make sure you have emulator that supports save anywhere and fast forwarding as it makes it much more enjoyable as it allows skipping boring parts.
Extra note: I'm not sure if I'm able to play games without save anywhere or games that require some heavy grinding anymore. It's just too annoying and boring.

Attached bellow is screenshot of final save and 2nd file is beaten game save, in case someone wants do fiddle around. It needs it's extension changed to .sav. It's compatible with GameBoid, probably with some other emulators too.

Extra note to anyone reading: What should I play next? It has to be RPG as I can't control properly any action/driving/whatever games designed for joystick on touchscreen. It can be on any platform that can be emulated on Droid, and my testing says that newest thing that can be emulated is PS1. DOS can't be emulated properly on my phone btw.
Only one,

Resident Evil: Revelations

What i have to say about it is amazing. Its one of the best portable games I have ever played. Great graphics, great gameplay, decent story, and awesome weapons.
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