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Add to your library Malevolence on IG
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Add to your library the game Patience, my Patients
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Two goodies today:

#1 The Maze: Game

#2 Space Ship: The Game
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Add to your library Dino Run - Marathon of Doom on IG
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Free skins for Splitgate: Arena Warfare (steam)
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2 free games: Moonlighter + This War of Mine
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Add to your library Horror Girl Puzzle on IG
Add to your library the game Metropolis Odyssey on Indie Gala
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One of the BEST CLASSIC games is being given away!
Get it before it`s gone!

Add to your library Adventures of Shuggy on IG
There's a new freebie on Indiegala. This time it's the Adventures of Shuggy
In case you don't already own it on GOG, you can now add it to your IG library or download it directly (Win, Mac & Linux)

[edit: guess someone was 2 minutes faster than me...]
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(STEAM) Drone Strike Force Closed Beta Key


Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Uplay) free until 3rd August 12:00 (GMT+9):

Use Korean or China VPN to claim the game.
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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Uplay) free until 11th August 12:00 (GMT+9):


I know it's already been posted, but, first, they just changed the deadline from the 3rd to the 11th of August, and second, it took me ages to find a way to get my hands on this, so here's a quick tutorial:

- first log into your Uplay account through the website
- connect to a chinese or korean server through your preffered VPN
- claim the game


a more detailed description: the main thing on my "tutorial" is to first log into your account, and only then connect through your VPN, apparently a zillion people are trying to use a VPN to get this, and my guess is there aren't that many servers, so Ubisoft is getting a zillion login requests from the same IP (the one from the chinese/korean servers) and thus blocking all connections, so it's a must to be first logged in from your IP (or whatever, just not an IP with a zillion hits) since the website only checks for browser sessions (and those don't change when you connect through a VPN)

also, to begin with, it took me some time to find a free VPN that has Chinese or Korean servers, so here's the one I managed to use (it's a Chrome extension)

Free VPN - Chrome Extension


last but not least, if anyone is wondering, it's been confirmed that it's the multilanguage version of the game
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This week :

For Honor and Alan Wake (2 Games) are free on Epic Store.
A note about For Honor: You will need to connect to your UPlay account when in the Epic Launcher. Seems like they make it easy, but just thought you should know.
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Add to your library Lumber Island - That Special Place from IG