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Good game, everyone. Nice job yogsloth/Team town.

I have to say I'm impressed with the range of roles picked. I know the maths showed a high number to be likely, if chosen at random, but I didn't expect that many different roles to be chosen by one person only.

Trent, thanks for hosting.
Bookwyrm627: No one has been forthcoming on what I'm searching seeking: what did Korotan do during the night?

I'll wager dollars against donuts that Korotan visited me on N1. I ticked him off D1 and I got a bump on the head for my trouble. No bump N2, so I'm wondering what he did instead of visiting me.
What do you mean by "bump on the head"?

Also, regarding your previous message to me, and now that I am confirmed town, I appreciate what you told me. I will try to learn from them, and not be so hasty in what I say.

As I mentioned elsewhere, the first game ended with my head hurting from overthinking each night; I decided to try and be a bit less intense this game and more of my jokey self. I am surprised i was not lynched, Joe & ZFR had a perfect opportunity to do so, thanks to my mistakes.

My bid was 4-3; I'm interested in knowing who else bid 4-something

"You are Christopher Robin, Town Vanilla. Powers: Your vote is your power Win condition: Your team wins when there are no more threats to town"
Nice job guys!
Woo, go town! We managed to win with only one lynch!

Good job pulling it together like that, Yog. Just as well you didn't get that extra vote for my lynch on D1, or I'd have blown your head off as my role claim. That would have been awkward.

Good job ZFR and Joe. ZFR, especially, had me marking him as town until he fell apart after Yog laid out the accusations.
I love how trent's flavor is always so ludicrously violent.


Thanks trent for the game, thanks everybody else for making it fun. :)

ZFR/Joe, you're going to have to explain what was up with those night kills.

And also, would you have nightkilled flub if we'd mis-lynched? (waggly eyebrows)
Yay, I actually had some good reads in the observer thread! Good reads are unprecedented for me, I'm not a good scumhunter.
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Oh yeah, observer/mafia threads?
yogsloth: Oh yeah, observer/mafia threads?
Microfish_1: What do you mean by "bump on the head"?

[snipped for length]
I don't have time atm, but I'll answer your questions. I also want to delve more (again?) into our earlier conversation about facts about the game; mid-game such a discussion is naturally tinted by the mistrust caused by us being potential adversaries.

I want to make that clear that I have no hard feelings, and I do hope you'll continue to play in the future. :)
Good game, everyone! Thanks for hosting, Trent. I had fun and I'm glad I took part.
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Order roles given their bid and role wanted
Flub 2,2 Party Host
Korotan 5,5 Roleblocker
Pookamustard 7,8 Tracker
yogsloth 13,3 Role Cop
JoeSapphire 1,1 Cop
Bookwyrm 1,1 One Shot Vigilante
Microfish 4,3 Role Cop
blotunga 4,4 Watcher
dedoporno 4,8 Tracker

1 was chosen 3 times. Funnily it was 1,1 each time
2 was chosen once
4 was chosen 3 times
5 was chosen once
7 was chosen once
13 was chosen once

The only roles chosen more than once were Tracker and Role Cop
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frickin' bler, gotta drop in that Khal Drogo reference lol

I should particularly thank wyrm and flub again for talking some sense back into me after I almost talked myself out of my own read on Joe
Observer Thread

Villains Hideout
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yogsloth: ZFR/Joe, you're going to have to explain what was up with those night kills.
My theory was two-fold:
1) they were trying to keep yogs v. wyrm as the central point of conversation

2) they were desperately trying to avoid NKing anyone likely to have picked party host, as with only 2 wolves that would've been pretty brutal to stumble into.
Oh sweet, the boys had Day chat

I think Mafia is always more fun that way