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Hi all,

It's been a while since we had an updated Community Stickies Compendium and so I thought I'd create a new version of the Community Stickies Compendium in order to highlight all the awesome threads we have here in the forums :)

The old Community Stickies Compendium for those interested

MaGOG, the unofficial GOG search engine:

Barefoot Essentials

"What did just update?"

The forum experience discussion thread:

GOG Trading Thread:

GOG Gifting Thread:

Non-GOG Gifting Thread:

DRM-free Mini Revolutions thread

Please feel free to add any topics that you, as a community, think should be included :)
Post edited October 15, 2014 by JudasIscariot
JudasIscariot: MaGOG, the unofficial GOG search engine:
mrkgnao: Thank you. I am honoured.
You're welcome :) I was going to give this thread a version name a la Ubuntu and call it "Barefoot MaGOG" but I didn't want it to seem like I was favoring one aspect of the community over another :)

Soooo that can be the unofficial version name of the thread :D