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DampSquib: Check PM, have a good christmas and Enjoy :)
Thank you so much. I really don't know what to say for the generosity that you have shown and hope soon that I will be able to return that to others. I know this might sound cliche, but my heart swelled with warmth and a tear to the eye.

Thank you
After all those sales I figured that I don't need games anymore to trade so I decided to give them back to the community. So if somebody is interested in one of these GOG keys:

The Gamers: Movie
The Witcher 2
Aliens vs. Predators 200 classic

please PM me and tell me what you want. To be fair to others I will only give one item to one person and please understand that I cannot answer every PM if everything on the list is already gone. I am sorry but that is all I've got. Happy gaming or watching or whatever ;)

Edit: Oh sorry - I just realized that this thread should be used for wishlists only so I was posting in the wrong thread. I will try to find the correct one.
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If anyone missed out on the promo for Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) back in November, let me know, I have a spare code.
If anyone is interested in the witcher 2 send me a pm.
Sudeki if anyone is generous.
While I'd prefer to trade if possible, I would love to play Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae from the AGM bundle if someone has a spare copy and isn't interested in trading.

Please consider this at a lower priority than other requests in this thread though and have a nice day!
I still have an extra copy of The Witcher 2, PM me if you want it!
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Elmofongo: Sudeki if anyone is generous.
Done, check PM.
Would love to watch Pixel Poetry if anyone can spare the $6
Elmofongo: Sudeki if anyone is generous.
DampSquib: Done, check PM.
You been getting a few peoples wishes. Wanted to say thats awesome of you. Here's a +1!
saith32: You been getting a few peoples wishes. Wanted to say thats awesome of you. Here's a +1!
Oh, DampSquib has been doing this for a while.
I don't see him online all the time but he appears every now and then and discretely makes your day.
Yep, DampSquib is an awesome ninja gifter :)