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Been wanting Omikron: The Nomad Soul for 15 years now.

I remember back in 1999 I saw it at OnCue, I went back with the money to buy it and it was gone. That was the only physical copy of the game I've ever seen - as they never got it back in stock.

Also looking for Deus Ex 1 and 2, owned both and love them. Hope to play through them again sometime.
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Not to outstay my welcome or push my luck, but if any kind soul could gift me Dark Fall 3: Lost Souls, they would definitely have my highest appreciation and thanks. I love that series and unfortunately I lost my original physical copy (lent it to a friend, she never returned it to me and now she never will). It's the only one I'm missing from the whole trilogy. :(

Dischord gifted me the whole of Legend of Kyrandia games (!) just the other day, so, please, attend to other people's requests first, I'm in no hurry whatsoever.

Kind regards! :)
BranjoHello: Promos are closing soon, so here's one obvious bump, and a puzzling one.
BuzzLightyear2: Lady Luck has smiled upon me several times this weekend. Time to pay it forward! Check you PM.
Thank you to infinity and beyond!
I know I might be late for the party, but wanted to ask again if someone could spare the Unreal games to a broke fan, maybe. Or at least Unreal 2 as I never had a chance to play it properly back in the day, I had a disc but my old computer wouldn't run it, so I decided to give up the disc in favour of a friend. Well, would be much appreciated, I wish I could just buy half the GOG sale now, but sadly that's not an option for me.

Cheers everyone. :)
Haapy Belated Easter everyone! Here's just a bump 4 my request (Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition) if any kind soul have a copy to spare. Thanks again. :)