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Woops, double post. Ignore this!
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Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack


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This might be a bit of a stretch but Massive Chalice is on sale on Humble Bundle, so if anyone were to feel so generous, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I would really love Ship Simulator Extremes from Humble Bundle if someone gets it and don't need it!
if anyone gift me a "metroidvania" type game I'd appreciate it!


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thiagovscoelho: if anyone gift me a "metroidvania" type game I'd appreciate it!
when i can, i'll get you insanely twisted shadow planet.

I still have the ship (steam) if anyone is interested

edit: i've noticed my posts on here are more frequent then i'd like. sorry about that, not trying to be "that guy" again. didn't really notice until a couple minutes ago
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It appears I don't have a steam key for Secret of the Magic Crystals. I know, why would I ever want...
But my girlfriend likes horses :) and this game actually gets bundled at times like
but I can't quite force myself to buy it intentionally, because, you know It's THAT game XD
So... if you happen to have a key lying around and just can't seem to get rid of it, you might as well drop it* on me!

Thanks A Bundle :D

* Do note that my girlfriend isn't much of a gamer, so there really is no hurry, anytime within the current (tax**?) year will suffice :)
** If I do get the game, I rather have it as complete as possible, while that bundle had a soundtrack and coloring book (which is cool too)!
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