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Have steam, PM if interested:
- The Culling of the Cows (enjoy SpectrumX and legomaster)
- CHIP (enjoy vladicaris)

edit: all gone
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Hello all,

giving away Steam Keys from Humble Weekly Bundle Vancouver for Penny Arcade´s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode One and Two!

PM me if interested.


*edit* Key for Episode One gone!
*edit2* Key for Episode Two gone!

Have fun with this great little RPG. :)
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I am still searching for a Shank key.
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I have a private Steamgifts giveaway going right now for The Baconing (Steam), for my fellow GOGlodytes. :-)

If you want the link, just send me a PM with this message:

"I want my bacon, egg, sausage and SPAM!"

FINE PRINT: You must have a valid Steamgifts account, with at least $1.00 worth in contributions. DO NOT publicly post the link on any forum or webpage, however you are welcome to share it privately with friends.
Hi guys! im still looking for some Wispering Willows, Lone Survivor or Blackbay Asylum, if someone have a spare key... i can give some bundle games on return, Thanks one more time for reading guys!
Does anyone wants:

Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition
White noise Online

If so, pm me and i'll send you that later.

Edit- The games will go to Wildys and Dennymos (ill send the keys later today).
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