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JudasIscariot: No worries, I checked and yes, you bought the game and everything :) Maybe you had a DUI - Downloading Under the Influence thing going on that day? :P
Possible. The combination of alcohol and knowing the credit card number by heart, isn't a very good one. ;)

Thank you for checking!
mrkgnao: NOTE! CHANGED Blitzkrieg Anthology, cur_price: 9.99 ***TO*** 5.99
NOTE! CHANGED Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology, cur_price: 9.99 ***TO*** 5.99
Ooo, thanks for the heads-up. =) I keep thinking that they look interesting and the next thought is that I don't like wargames, so I can't decide whether to spend any money that whim, lol.

Regardless, I really appreciate your MaGOG posts!