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MechWarriors, assemble!

<span class="bold">BattleTech</span>, the Kickstarted take on tactical 'Mech combat by the creators of Shadowrun Returns, is coming soon, DRM-free on

It's 3025 and the world is being torn apart by conflict while an interstellar civil war is a-brewing. The only way to survive is by leading your own mercenary outfit of MechWarriors through this brutal power struggle between corrupt rulers and ambitious aristocrats. Customize your giant BattleMechs and pilots, keep them upgraded and fit for battle, then unleash them upon your enemies in turn-based skirmishes that might as well decide the future of this war-ravaged world.
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ssokolow: Ahh. I assume they said that on Kickstarter? I haven't visited that place since they decided to remain silent when I asked them to rule on Stoic language-lawyering their promises for people who backed enough on TBS 1 to get TBS 2 and 3 too.

(I have a strong sense of ethics and morals and I just don't have the time anymore to be willing to commit to ensuring that people who try to cheat me wind up wasting more billable time dealing with me than the money they got from cheating me, so I just focus on my massive and ever-growing entertainment backlog and wait for things to drop to $5 US or lower... with discretionary exceptions up to $7.50 US)
dav34: Yes its on Kickstarter, but I had also read alot about the game on the HBS Battletech community forum too;
Ahh. I'm short on time as-is, so I don't really hang out in any forums just for the sake of the community these days. (I'm mainly on the GOG forums for MaGOG updates, and then I get side-tracked into other threads occasionally.)
Holy s$!% this looks awesome!

Good pedigree too - can't wait.
Backer Beta out now, unfortunately only on Steam ...
bt.jpg (261 Kb)
Get a move on!
Backed it, totally gonna be worth the wait even though release was pushed to early 2018 :\
Quill18 did a Let's Try on it:

Haven't watched it yet.