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The big annual event starts on 18th August yet we on GOG start the celebrations of QuakeCon early this year. To help you get into the mood, we’ve prepared a Special Sale that includes great games from Bethesda up to 80% off and lasts until 22nd August, 5 PM UTC.
Ok, now Quake1, 2, 3 got renamed as well

for now the text in Quake1 it's the same, so just wait some hours i think

Again, Quake1 was out in 1996, not 1998; and QuakeIII Arena was out in 1999, not 2001

Quake4 got released on PC Game Pass and got 2k and 4k resolutions support and a fix for that low texture problem with recent video cards

steam and gog versions are not changed for now
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Timboli: Is the original DOOM 3 still available to buy at a digital store? Not that I want to buy it unless DRM-Free
It is included on Steam with BFG now. Previous owners of Doom 3 BFG gets it for free, previous owner of Doom 3 gets BFG for free. I assume all owners of BFG will get Doom 3 on GOG whenever they implement this change.

Timboli: I note that DOOM and DOOM 2 have also been renamed at the Epic store, to the same names now in use here at GOG, so this is likely a name change done by Bethesda and not GOG.
Yes, the name change happened last week on Steam already. It is all Zenimax/idSoftware doing this, not GOG.
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