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Niggles: I like manga up to a point but finding light novels have a bit more depth (was initially put off by how skinny the books are but then they are "light" novels). Any recommendations for light novels?
You might try to the following article for some ideas. I'm not 100% sure, but my antivirus didn't raise any flags or concerns with it:
Cheers for the suggestions.
Scanning through incoming new season anime --- is it like one of the worst seasons to coming?.
_Auster_: Monogatari series, maybe? There's an ebook bundle of them on HB until Dec. 30, if I'm not mistaken. (also comes with some manga and audio books)
Mmmm few years ago watched a couple seasons. The anime was.... so fricken slow. Great animation and decent stories but felt like every episode was 4 hours.

And the reoccurring theme of the lesbian friend sports monkeypaw girl who while on the phone kept saying how she's stripped naked... And his girlfriend sharpens hundreds of pencils and threatens to kill him.

Maybe the manga would be a better medium i don't know.
rtcvb32: Maybe the manga would be a better medium i don't know.
Plenty of reading still, but if I'm not mistaken, the series only has ~15 volumes and already shows most of the story. And at least I didn't find the amount of text overbearing (maybe because I'm a fast reader, or maybe because I was curious about the story, not sure which). And art is pretty good.

But what I found super slow was the light novel. I could never get past Oshino's introduction in it.