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harristurtle: I've install Bioshock (non-remastered) with the wrapper. Everything works fine except that I can't save : I get a message saying that the drive is full. The drive isn't and I have write access to .local/share/bioshock and the wine prefix. I fund no clue here on how to fix that.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your work.
Not sure what the problem could be here as I've never encountered this issue myself or heard of anyone else having similar issues. What filesystem are you using? It's possible there could be some kind of compatibility issue there, or maybe some dependency is missing (make sure all of Wine's dependencies are installed).
donovan5: Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb I'm trying to convert to Linux and not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do with these wrappers.. Is it a case of downloading the game from gog and then ""putting" the wrapper in terminal. Is there an absolute idiots walk through of what to do.
Fwiw I tried to play Dragon age origins through game hub which said it was using your script it installed but wouldn't run. The plan was to try Lutris next.
Really if I can crack gaming I don't see myself going back to windsows,as so far I like the look of mint.
The easiest way to use them is to put the game installer files and wrapper files in one place, then run the wrapper script from a terminal - e.g. for Deus Ex you'd put, deusex_res.tar.xz and setup_deus_ex_goty_whatever.exe together in one directory, then right-click on the directory in the file manager and select "open in terminal", and then type ./ to run the build script. This will result in the wrapper being created in that directory, or if there's a problem then you'll be able to see what error(s) are produced so you get an idea of what's going wrong. Then it's simply a case of running the start script to play, create a shortcut for the game etc.

There are a number of more advanced options offered by the scripts that allow you to do things like change the directory name/location, tell it where to find the installer files (if not in the same location as the script) etc. - this is detailed in the readmes and release notes.

Before doing any of this you need to make sure you have all of the dependencies installed though. Installing the system's Wine packages should get most of the ones you'll need; Mint also provides ia32-libs package for the most commonly needed 32-bit packages.

For Vulkan support you need to install libvulkan1 and libvulkan1:i386 (and if using the open source graphics drivers, mesa-vulkan-drivers and mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386 too)

When I migrate to Mint 20.x I'll update my common dependencies meta-package which will make things like this a lot easier.

Also while I haven't yet updated it for Mint 20.x I'd still recommend that you take a look at my Mint beginner's guide, as most of the information and advice there will still apply to Mint 20.x.
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Cheers adamhm
Thank you. I reinstalled and it works. Except for the medical pavillon entering crash.
Hello. Has anyone had luck with the sounds and the game GOLEM?
TaxAkla: Hello. Has anyone had luck with the sounds and the game GOLEM?
The only Wine variant I've tried that plays sound in Golem is Proton. More precisely, I'm using 'wine-5.13-1-proton-amd64' which I think is a build; more recent ones might work too, but I haven't tried.
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VanishedOne: The only Wine variant I've tried that plays sound in Golem is Proton.
I'll try. Thank you for the link.


Update: Need to run through the game but the main title and the first level loaded with sounds. Tested with the latest 6.4-tkg. Thank you again.


Half of the screen is blue. Maybe a DXVK bug?
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adamhm: Do you take requests?
Adamhm, kindly check your chat when you have the time, thanks!
TaxAkla: Half of the screen is blue. Maybe a DXVK bug?
Oh, yes, that. I got it too under DXVK.
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Wrappers are now available for The Bard's Tale Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Wasteland Remastered. Thanks to sunshinecorp for donating the key for Wasteland Remastered :)
adamhm: ...
Thank you! :)
adamhm: Wrappers are now available for The Bard's Tale Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Wasteland Remastered. Thanks to sunshinecorp for donating the key for Wasteland Remastered :)
Thank you!
Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is playable with the generic wrapper (using PlayOnLinux's Wine 6.3). I've played a few hours with no problem other than the scroll wheel of the mouse not working for some reason. Any ideas?
Hi guys,

First of all, I want to thank @adamhm and all of you guys for such impressive contribution on making GNU/Linux a better videogaming platform!

Has anyone had a problem with 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' when the bright grid overlays the screen (see the screenshot)? Setting Fog of War low made the number of squares smaller (but they became bigger). Changing other options such as resolution, vsync etc didn't make any effect.

Intel and Nvidia 450.119.03.

Can you guys recommend me something?
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I'd like to request an installer for Horizon Zero Dawn from GOG. Lutris has the steam version only.

I'd also like you to check out some old Abandonware games. No price necessary as the IP holders are MIA.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Croc 2

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver 2


Hot Wheels: Beat That!

Sonic Riders

All of these are pc games that haven't been officially released digitally.
Horizon Zero Dawn requires two items to work properly: vkd3d and Visual C++ libraries. I have not been successful at getting it to work with the generic wrapper, as I haven't yet figured out how to insert vkd3d in it. Lutris will enable vkd3d automatically - just make sure it is turned on in the runner options tab. The Visual C++ libraries (vcrun2015 in this case) can be installed using winetricks. I used the system wine to install the game in its own prefix and run winetricks, and then I added the game manually in Lutris. The wine version I'm using there is lutris-6.0-rc1-x86_64. I haven't had much time to test it, but the tutorial area seems to be working well. Of course, results may vary depending on the system. (I have Ubuntu 20.04 and an NVidia 1660Ti.)

I am finding the generic wrapper to be useful, as I am trying to phase out my reliance on Lutris, since it seems to get slower and clunkier with every update. The generic wrapper is working well with most games so far, although there are still a few that will run from Lutris but not (so far) with the wrapper. I suspect that they just need a little more tinkering. (EDIT: One trick that worked on a couple games that instantly crashed without debugging info was to call out the full Windows path to the executable in the start-{game}.sh script rather than just the executable itself [i.e. C:\GOG Games\{game}\{file}.exe]. For some reason, some games want the full path. Dungeon Keeper 2 and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena are two examples. Simply setting the working directory didn't work with these games.)

I have run into a few recurring issues, but some of this probably just requires better understanding how the scripts work and finding ways to customize them.

vkd3d: I'm sure this can be inserted into the script. I don't know if any of the existing game-specific wine wrappers use it. None of the games I have for which a specific wrapper is available need it. If there is a wrapper that uses it, I'm sure the code could be copied into the generic wrapper and used as needed. (Maybe I need to download the complete archive and search for it. Or maybe it's buried somewhere in the script and I haven't found it.) Solving this should allow Horizon Zero Dawn to work with the generic wrapper. (EDIT: The Cyberpunk 2077 wrapper uses vkd3d. I haven't tried anything yet, but perhaps it could be modified to support Horizon Zero Dawn, or the vkd3d-related code could be copied into the generic wrapper and used there.)

winetricks: I haven't investigated the installation script thoroughly enough to see how to invoke winetricks within it using the version of wine that the wrapper is using. I know this can be done, as some of the game-specific wrappers do this; I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Running winetricks post-installation doesn't always work. (EDIT: Fixing this is next on my list. Note that winetricks can be run from the script, but I want to properly automate it. Also, a few games seem to want things to be installed using winetricks prior to game installation.)

Media Foundation files: The script that installs these files doesn't always play well with prefixes created using the wrapper. Most of the time, it works, but sometimes, it doesn't. I've been having some trouble with Unity games (i.e. Haven and Summer in Mara) that need the Media Foundation implementation. They work with Lutris using a prefix created with the system wine, but they don't work with the generic wrapper. As with vkd3d, if there is a game-specific wrapper that uses this, copying the code from that script would likely be the easiest solution. (EDIT: I added the contents of the script into the generic wrapper, added its associated files to the resources tarball, modified it a bit to make it work in that environment, and added a switch to activate it as desired. It seems to work fine with versions of wine that have mono installed. A couple registry entries fail if mono isn't installed. I've been using it with Lutris-5.4 wine builds with good success so far.)

For the most part, the generic wrapper is working well, and it is allowing me to install and run most games without having to use any launchers. Thanks, adamhm. (EDIT: This approach has worked so well that I'm considering coming up with a similar method of my own for MS-DOS games using DOSBox and/or DOSBox-x. Probably the best approach is to use innoextract on the GOG Windows installers since the linux installers (when available) are hard to automate, run native setup files or extract files from archives for non-GOG games, and implement switches for some common configuration changes. If I come up with something even half as foolproof as these wine wrappers, I'll see if I can find a way to make it available to others.)
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