Broken Sword trilogy 50% off

You've probably noticed that we've finally completed the Broken Sword series with today's addition of the fourth installment called Angel of Death. We encourage you to check the latest adventures of George, Nico, and a mysterious woman, but we're also running a special promo on the remaining 3 parts of the series! From now until Friday, October 21 at 6:59 a.m. EDT, you can grab Shadow of the Templars, The Smoking Mirror and The Sleeping Dragon each with a 50% discount (no matter how many games you buy). It's the best offer you can get, if you want to complete the collection of this point and click masterpiece.
There will be no Hidden Gem Promo tomorrow on due to the Broken Sword Promo. Be on the lookout for the Hidden Gem Promo on November 2nd.