Yooka-Laylee updated, now 25% off

Smile, a new camera mode is here!
Yooka-Laylee, the madcap action-platformer starring a bat and a lizardy thing, has been updated with several key improvements and is now 25% off.
The huge update, dubbed the Camera & Voice Patch, brings much-anticipated features and a ton of bug fixes to this lovely game. Let's have a look, shall we?
- New camera mode with minimal assist available in the settings menu.
- General camera improvements in certain locations.
- Option to skip the cut-scenes.
- Make the chat bubbles go faster (or even skip them altogether).
- New music on the pause menu.
- The Capital Casino is now bug-free!
- Numerous other fixes and general improvements.
Go on then, you've got a playthrough to finish! Or, if you were still resisting Yooka and Laylee's colorful charms, now is the time to give in, as the game is 25% off.
The 25% discount on Yooka-Laylee will last until July 17, 1PM UTC.