Surprise release: Cannon Fodder

One of the most memorable games of all time, courtesy of Codemasters - Cannon Fodder - has just arrived at and it's available for only $5.99
Cannon Fodder is an isometric point-and-click shooter with a touch of strategy. Each mission you're given a handful of freshly drafted soldiers, a list of objectives from "kill all enemies" to "kidnap the enemy leader" and need to fight your way through impossible odds. Your troops gain ranks as you progress through the game (if they survive the mission, which is a big "if") and each has a unique name and is given his own gravestone if he runs out of luck on the battlefield. Cannon Fodder is all about fun, quick wits, sharp reflexes and pure blind luck. So get your copy today, make sure the boys do their duty and get back home in as few pieces as possible!