Stardew Valley now has a Multiplayer Beta that you can try

Mi farma es su farma.
Ok yes, this is not any known language, BUT the important thing here is that Stardew Valley, the ridiculously addictive simulation/RPG, can now also be enjoyed in co-op!
However, before you jump in and start sharing parsnips, chores, and giggles with your friends, you may want to read through this detailed post about what precautions to take before entering the Beta on GOG Galaxy.
EDIT: To enter the Beta, go to the game in your GOG Galaxy library --> More --> Settings. Then toggle BETA CHANNELS to ON. Now, Channel --> Add private channel, and insert the code jumpingjunimos when prompted. Finally, pick the "beta" channel from the drop-down menu and wait for it to install.
All set? Then what are you waiting for? The carrots won't pull themselves out, you know.