Sorcerer King™: Developer Q&A

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Scott Tykoski (AKA ScottTykoski, Mad Scientist) and Patrick Shaw (AKA pshaw01, Stardock Dev) joined us in the forums for a chat about game development, the life on the "set" of Sorcerer King, and everything gaming. Not only did they answer many interesting questions, but even shared conceptart!
rodzajowo: What inspired you to make the game, and what were the inspirations during production?
Scott: So when we put out 'Fallen Enchantress', one of the systems we introduced were random 'Wildlands' - parts of the world with their own backstory, enemy loadout, and possible boss creature. What we saw in several reviews were that some players were enjoying this part of the game more than the core 4x diplomacy systems. This planted the seed of an idea that eventually became SK - a 4x where it's 100% you vs. the world (more exploration and extermination, less expansion and exploitation). We also really liked the idea of a 4x that built to a crescendo, and a final boss battle against your main antagonist works with the lore, gameplay, and prevents the traditional 'slog' that many 4x matches devolve into.
Lodium: What did you guys used to play back in the day before you went and became game devs?
Patrick: I started working 17 years ago so my list is pretty old. :) I played a lot of Mario, Zelda, and Phantasy Star on the consoles. For the PC, I owned an Atari ST during the 80's and a Mac in the 90's My favorites from back then were Dungeon Master, Alternate Reality, Sim City, and Arena (the first elder scrolls game).
Scott: I grew up a console kid, so my top games were probably Final Fantasy II (4), Super Mario 3, and the original Legend of Zelda. Oh, and I loved Civ1, but mostly to explore and build up my empire. I always lost. At some point I'd be looking for new continents in my canoes when Abe Lincoln would take me out with his bombers. Always had fun though...which is actually one of my favorite parts of SK. From my experience, it's a game where you enjoy even you lose.
justMaku: What has kept you guys in the industry for so long?
Scott: The coolest part about making games is that there's always something new to master. I've worked at Stardock since I was 20, and in that time I've probably done 30 different jobs at various times (AI coding, UI code, gameplay code, animation, concept art, modeling, texture, gameplay design, booth babe, etc.). Never a dull moment :)
Lodium: What do you think about the indie scene and where do you think the industry migth be heading the next few years?
Scott: I'm a HUGE fan of the indie scene, but I worry it's not reaching it's potential. When that fire was lit with Braid, Super Meat Boy, the Behemoth games, etc., it felt like we'd finally see all these new untapped ideas brought into fruition. If the AAA guys couldn't do something, here were devs that COULD do it. Unfortunately a lot of the games coming out from the small teams are still playing it safe (rehashes of gameplay we've all experienced). Of course for every 100 re-skinned SHUMPs, you have something fresh, so I guess that's a pretty good ratio :) I just wish those diamonds had more room to breathe.
DevildogFF: What can we expect next for Sorcerer King?
Scott: We have a binder filled with feedback and future design ideas for the game, and I've been promised I'd get to work on it this year, but that's about all I can say ;)
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ORIGINAL POST: Have questions that only game developers can answer? Join the team behind Sorcerer King™ for a special Q&A session!
Two guys from Stardock who worked hard on Sorcerer King™ and other brilliant titles from the development studio, are ready to answer all your questions today at 6-8pm GMT.
Before we go on, here’s a few words about our two guests and their involvement with Stardock games to give you a head-start on questions:
Patrick Shaw -- Producer -- Pshaw01
-- 17 years in the gaming industry
-- Has worked on The Sims, the Star Wars series, and military simulations
-- Now producing Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations, Elemental, and The Political Machine series.
Scott Tykoski -- Mad Scientist -- ScottTykoski
-- 15 years with Stardock
-- Worked on design, gameplay code, spell effects and 2D art for Sorcerer King
-- Has worked on just about everything - from Lightweight Ninja (back in his intern days)
-- Now working on Ashes of the Singularity and The Political Machine 2016
Here are some ground rules to help us get the most out of the 2 hours we have with these awesome gentlemen:
-- Not all questions might get answered during the Q&A.
-- Be nice! No abuse, harassment, name-calling and the like.
-- Don’t spam or take over the thread to go off-topic.
-- Try to not repeat questions. Look through the last few before asking your own.
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