UPDATE - Tooth and Tail Crossplay implemented, OST FREE to current owners

Liberté! Égalité! Spécialité!
UPDATE: Atteeee-ntion! This is not a drill, soldiers: Crossplay between GOG Galaxy and Steam has now been implemented, so get ready to unleash your inner furry online!
Additionally, those who were looking forward to the game's over-an-hour-long Official Soundtrack now have the option to purchase it separately.
Better yet? Anyone who purchased the game before Crossplay support was implemented, will receive the Soundtrack for FREE, as compensation for the inconvenience. Enjoy!
Tooth and Tail, a grimly satirical RTS about organized animal cruelty, is now available, DRM-free, on GOG.com.
Time to break the (food) chains! The War for Meat has thrown the animal kingdom into upheaval and everyone is out to subdue and consume their opponents. Customize your faction and lead an army of aggressive fuzzballs through procedurally generated maps to burn, gut, or blast the other woodland creatures into gooey pixels. Then you can go online and brutalize your friends' furry pets, unless they're willing to swing by for some couch split-screen play.
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