Release: Bioforge

A cyberpunk thriller of man and metal.
Bioforge, the classic post-human action game with 3D characters, atmospheric pre-rendered locations and memorable story, is now available on for only $5.99.
Pain. I feel pain. Feel? No. I only register its presence. That metallic taste in my mouth. What is it? Chrome and nitrogen coolant. How did I know that? Need to open eyes. My eyes! What happened to my vision? Why does everything look so sharp and artificial? Oh god! I don't feel my breath. Why don't I breathe? My hands! My body! It's metal! It's frickin' metal! What the hell happened? Where am I? Oh, god... Who... am I? Fear. I think I should feel fear.
Bioforge is a futuristic techno-thriller full of strange cybernetic creatures, ominous corridors, and terrifying mysteries, produced by the creator of the Ultima saga--Richard Garriot himself! You are Lex, a man unwillingly transformed into a cyborg by a dangerous sect of post-human cultists. Deprived of your memories and identity you'll need to navigate your way through a off-world base challenging your wits with puzzles and testing your skills in many action sequences, in a gameplay bearing a strong resemblance to the classic Alone in the Dark series. Can you escape from the clutches of insane fanatics, fight your way through the many horrors of your prison, and salvage whatever scraps of your memories and your humanity you might find?
Wake up to a nightmare of flesh, chrome, and oblivion and discover the horrible secrets of the Bioforge, for only 5.99!