Release: Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!
Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf, an oriental-themed RTS where true power can only be earned, not taken, is now available on for only $9.99.
Sit by the fire, young nobleman, and help yourself to a goblet of jasmine tea. You are wise to come here. So many warriors before you attempted to unite this realm under their reign. They were brave and strong. They had the noble knowledge of tactics. They knew how to choose the best steel for swords. They had fists that could punch holes through stone walls. They had eyes that could spot a sneaking ninja in the middle of a cloudy night. They had hearts that knew no fear nor remorse. But none of them came to seek advice of an old man living on the mountain. And--one by one--they failed. Their power crumbled, their dreams vanished, and they lives faded. You are wise to come here, young nobleman. But this is only your first step towards the true wisdom and the true power that only comes with balance. I will teach you. But now, finish your tea and bring us some water from the spring.
Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf is a game defined by its setting--an RTS that combines resource management, unit development, and tactical gameplay with storytelling inspired by the Kung Fu movies and oriental culture. Follow the story of a young nobleman Kenji, heir to the Dragon throne, who was exiled from his homeland and now seeks a way to regain his heritage. With unique units and many original ideas Battle Realms is a game that no RTS fan can afford to miss.
Choose your path with caution and let yourself be guided by the ancient wisdom of Zen in Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf, for only $9.99!