One more surprise. Releasing Tyrian 2000 for FREE!

You thought it was over, but we have one more holiday surprise for you up in our sleeves. What holiday season would that be without a gift? Yes, they would be lame, that's why we're happy to announce that together with Daniel Cook, Jason Emery and Alexander Brandon, we're adding another free game to the catalogue - Tyrian 2000.
Tyrian 2000 is one of the greatest top-down shooters of all time. Featuring a complex and engaging plot, 12 different ship types, multi-layered ship upgrades, "sidekicks" for your ship and over 100 different types of weapons, Tyrian is far and away one of the best vertical scrolling shooters ever made. GOG’s free games catalogue has focused on adventure games in the past, but we're now broadening the array of genres offered as gifts to users, with Tyrian 2000 leading the way.