New release: Star Control 3

We continue the space and sci-fi theme of this week's releases with today's new game in the catalogue. Get ready to travel the universe and engage into close encounters with alien species.
With the release of Star Control 3 for just $5.99 we're completing the trilogy of this one of a kind mix of action, adventure and strategy game genres. Once again you're off to a great journey through the Kessari Quadrant to unravel a deadly secret, stop the mysterious Eternal Ones, and save the whole universe from extermination. Commanding your fleet of space battleships you're going to explore the enormous universe and build colonies on newly discovered planets, use your diplomacy skills to negotiate alliances with more than 20 alien races, and (if that fails) you're going to enter the Hyper Melee Combat with a whole new "almost-3D" view.
The third part of the series was developed by a different studio than the originals, and brought many innovations, which unfortunately some of the hardcore fans of the saga weren't thrilled about. That's of course a matter of taste, but putting individual preferences aside, the game features a superior game engine, an expanded strategy-based colony management, and a new and improved Melee Combat mode among other updates. The game's epic story, refined gameplay, and plenitude of possibilities will keep the fans of the series, as well as newcomers, enraptured in front of their monitors for hours.
But we don't need to tell you that, just check it out for yourself! For just $5.99, it's an incredible bargain of gameplay and storytelling excellence!