New release: Star Control 1+2

If you like Science Fiction, look no further. You can't possibly go wrong with these two addictive Sci-Fi games, each with a cult following of its own.
First, there was Star Control, a turn-based strategy game with an addictive real-time arcade combat mode called Mêlée. This was essentially a relatively close-quarters duel between two spaceships. The most impressive thing about this mode, and the game in general, was that, somehow, the game's creators managed to make the dozen or so race-specific ship types completely different from each other, yet at the same time balanced.
Star Control 2 added even more races and ships to the fray, while retaining balance in the Mêlée mode, but changed the underlying gameplay considerably. The sequel was turned into more of a space-faring adventure game, with quests, diplomacy and character progression in the form of ship upgrades. The gameplay is as addictive as ever and the storyline is both good and believable, with tons of memorable characters, races and humor that will make you go back to this game again and again.