New release: Pinball Gold Pack

It's been quite a while since our last pinball release so we'd like to make up for it by giving you 5 titles for the price of one - the uber-nostalgic Pinball Gold Pack.
So, how does the Pinball Gold Pack compare to the other pinball releases on First of all, you get five games - Pinball Dreams 1 and 2, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Mania, and Pinball Illusions, each featuring four pinball tables. That's twenty tables in total, each with a unique theme. The physics are reasonable, but can hardly be compared to those found in newer, more technologically advanced pinball games, for obvious reasons. There's one thing the Pinball Gold Pack has that its younger cousins don't - the sheer oldschool, nostalgic feeling you get when you play it. The fact that the game used .MOD files for music, in order to save space, might bring a tear to some of you PC veterans' eyes, too. Care to take a trip back in time for less than 10 bucks?