New release: Patrician 1 + 2

With today's release, our collection of games from the Patrician series is complete. If you like crunching numbers and a good challenge, you can't pass up on these two titles, for just $5.99.
Patrician is a series of historical trading simulation games, set in the 14th century, in the times of the Hanseatic League, or Hansa. Both were highly praised for their complex economic model and believable historical backdrop. The goal in both games is to become Alderman - the leader of the Hanse. To achieve this goal, you must amass a fortune and earn, or buy, political power. This in turn can be achieved in a variety of ways, from simple trade, through hiring pirates to thwart your competition's efforts, to dealing in piracy yourself. Both games are quite challenging and require some micromanagement but, for an economic sim fan, that should be a good thing.